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I have foster cat who I thought had a home but looks like it may not work out. She can go to the shelter, but, I kind of love her!We are keeping one of her kittens, and they are so close. My question is, I would normally never bring in an adult cat to my group of 3 cats, they will accept kittens only. Cher has been with us almost 6 months.My oldest cat,Little, who is 11, normally ignores all the fosters. Now she has been chasing Cher around. Cher swiped her on the nose, a few times actually. Instead of runing and hiding, Little keeps going back for more. Sometimes I swear they are playing, but Little growls so fiercely! Little was given to me at age 5 weeks, and from reading here I think she never really got socialized well. Are they going to hurt each other? Or will they settle down? Little has several scratches, Cher has claws! Is this normal for a multi-cat household, or should I just give up on keeping Cher?