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Any Scientists out there?

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I'm thinking about doing a degree in Physical Science, which basically includes Math, Physics and Astronomy with a bit of Geology and possibly Oceanography thrown in for good measure! It's been 5 years since I did my Accountancy degree and I think it's time to learn something new!

I'll be going through the Open University which means it'll take about 6 years to get the full Bsc degree, but I'm in no hurry (just as well really!). The first parts that have caught my eye would be: An introduction to planets, Exploring Mars, How the universe works, Maths for science and Introduction to astronomy. I'm guessing all those would take at least a year.

Just after some advice really. Anyone ever studied any of these? D'ya think I'm mad?
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You'll be receiving a wonderful education, Clare! Good for you!
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Thanks Stephanie!

I find the whole astrononmy field fascinating, hopefully that'll make it easier to study. It would be wonderful to actually understand how the universe works
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That sounds awesome!!

I love astronomy. Actually, I always wanted to take a class in Astrophysics... but usually they ask for all sort of math and physics background to get into astrophysics
I guess I'll stick to reading Stephen Hawking's books
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now, you just want to make me go to school and do some homework
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Sorry Fran!

I just think it would be great to study something I'm actually interested in for a change. All my accountancy qualifications I took with a view to getting a job or payrise, not because I was interested - I mean, how interested can anyone be in accountancy, especially after 6 years of study!?

Marie - I think astrophysics is the way I want to go, but there is a lot of physics and math courses I'd have to go through beforehand. Some of the math stuff about equations, fractions and trig I haven't studied in over 10 years so that should be challenging to say the least!
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Oh you lucky thing!
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Good luck It should be fun... one day I will go back ( after my caretaking duties are over)
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I had to stop in and have a "look-see" at this thread and see what it is about.
Good luck to you...and have fun while you get this great education!
I love the stary skies too....but don`t feel a need to be very educated about them much past looking up and enjoying that they look like a giant Christmas tree with white lights against their backdrop of black....but then I`m probably just simple minded.
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Thanks guys, I don't feel like I'm mad for even thinking about it now!

Linda, it's not simple minedness! There's loads of things I'm interested in, but very few that I'm interested enough to actively learn more about. Languages is a key one, I'd love to speak fluent something, but just don't have enough motivation.

Looking at the degree course, it includes a compulsary week long trip to the observatory in Mallora in the final year! Oh well, if they insist......
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I completed a Bsc last year!! I got a trip to New Zealand and to Fiji out of it!!!

You will have lots of fun and meet lots of great people - People doing science tend to have a lot of fun!!!
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I loved Astronomy! I might take it again (AST II) for fun when my schedule is not so hectic with other classes. Good luck!!
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That is awesome! I have a good friend studying something biology. (Good friend and I can't remember her exact degree, hehehe.) She will eventually be a Physical Therapist. Another girl we went to high school with just graduated with a degree in physics and her friend's degree is astronomy. I think any science degree is awesome! My cousin majored in Environmental Science too.
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Astronomy is great and all, but I think it would be better as a hobby.
Unless you get paid well.
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon
I completed a Bsc last year!! I got a trip to New Zealand and to Fiji out of it!!!

You will have lots of fun and meet lots of great people - People doing science tend to have a lot of fun!!!
Well done on completing the Bsc!

How heavily geared toward Math is it? I'm assuming it's quite a bit as I know I'll have to take at least 3 classes and it includes calculus and vectors Did it keep you interested right to the end? I guess that as you study more, the subjects get more exciting. Can't wait to do quantum theory and the nature of black holes!
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In the early '90s, I was lucky enough to do some work as a volunteer for Dr. Carl Sagan during a Division of Planetary Sciences conference. My first job was setting up a display booth for The Planetary Society, and it was while I was working on the booth that I first met Dr. Sagan. I'd met famous people before, and I'd never been intimidated by any of them... but I swear, Carl Sagan just radiated such blazing intelligence that it blanked out my whole brain! He was very nice and tried to talk with me, but I couldn't seem to string two words together. ~ sigh ~

I redeemed myself before the week was out, though. I had some very good conversations with him (mostly about his books), but it wasn't until several years later, when he and Ann Druyan gave a lecture in town and I had a chance to talk with them both (this time about politics), that I was finally able to RELAX in Dr. Sagan's presence. Now that Dr. Sagan is gone, those times are especially precious to me. What an impact he had on my life!

Anyway, during the conference, I discovered that I really LIKE scientists. One and all, they were shy, sloppy young men with beards and glasses, or intense young women with no makeup and hair down to their waists. They all drank black coffee like water, and when they got tickled, they laughed till they cried. They had no idea how to carry on a social conversation -- but ask a scientific question, and they lit up like Christmas trees! They truly loved their work, they loved the speculation, the debate, the mystery and wonder of it... and I really, really enjoyed them.

It sounds like you love those things, too. It sounds like you love just KNOWING stuff, and that's something I can surely identify with. If you're lucky enough to be financially able to go back to school and study something you love, oh gosh yes, DO IT, my friend! And report back so we can live vicariously through your adventures! :-)
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