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Cat ate a bone... panicking!!

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My cat is usually very well behaved, but while I took a phone call in the next room, she jumped up on the counter and ate a chicken leg I was having for dinner. Basically all of the meat was all eaten, and it looked like half of the bone has disappeared as well. I've read about splinters and things like that (mostly about dogs, but I'm assuming it's the same for cats) and I'm getting very nervous. Should I take her to the vet?

Please help! I'm worried about my baby
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Did you do a thorough search to see if she dragged it off somewhere?
A chicken leg bone is pretty big and I think it would take a bit of time for a cat to eat one.

Keep an eye on her to see if she exhibits any symptoms.
You can give her a dose of hair ball remedy...that's what I do when I think my kitties may have ate something they shouldn't.
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Keep a close eye on her if any strange behavoor take her immediately to a er vet
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has she gone to yhe potty since she ate the bone??? I would keep a real close eye on her, chicken bones are pretty dangerous as they are prone to shredding, or breaking up into splinters. Please let us know how she is doing. Good luck!
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If it were me i would call the vet asap, to see what they say. They might want to see her.
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Had you cooked it yet? If it was still raw then there is no danger in her eating the bone. Splintering only occurs when it is cooked because the bone becomes brittle.
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Don't panic. Probably nothing will happen. Raw bones are OK, I feed my cats raw chicken bones every day. Cooked bones aren't recommended but probably don't do any harm in such small amounts your cat have eaten.

So, take a deep breath and calm down.
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Thanks for the support everyone!

For those who were wondering..... I was about to start my delicious chicken dinner when I was called away, so yes, the bones were cooked.

I was about to call my vet today when I saw a post on this only 2 days ago - must be some national chicken-eating cat holiday that they didnt let us in on!

Anywho, the other poster's vet said to watch for symptoms, and if there were none by this weekend, the kitties should be fine. I was wondering, does anyone know what symptoms in particular should I be watching for??
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Probably anything out of the ordinary, like straining to go potty, not wanting to eat,meowing loudly or more frequently, not going potty at all, sleeping alot & in wierd spots, blood in stools anything that seems strange. Good Luck!
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I wouldn't stress too much - I was told by my vet that it was ok to give cats cooked chicken bones as they chew the bones before they swallow them. Dogs on the other hand are the dangerous ones as they can snap the bones in two and then swallow them whole which can be dangerous with the sharp edges.

But in saying that, always be careful and just monitor your cat. If they start acting weird or are having trouble going to the toilet, then by all means take them to the vet.
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My cat also just got ahold of a cooked chicken wing bone. Help! When I got ahold of him he was munching away and had ate less than half of a wing bone. I was freaking out about it getting stuck. That was last night (Thurs) around 8pm. It is now 10pm the following evening and Chet doesn't seem to be in any visible discomfort, he's still running around, etc. But, I cleaned out his box as soon as he ate it so I could monitor that end, and as far as I can tell, he has only peed in there since then, and not #2. I did find one dropping on the stairs in the morning though (unusual for him). Previous to this I hadn't been feeding him as much as usual though (diet!), and I'm also not sure how long it takes for food to digest through a cat? At what point should I start worrying? Would feeding him more, less or something different help?
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