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Litter box advice

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I am trying to come up with some suggestions for one of my friends who has a wonderful kitty.My friend has an older kitty who is mostly indoor/outdoor, but since it is becoming so cold, Ellie is now indoors. The problem is that they keep her litter box in the garage becasue Ellie is messy and misses the box a lot, but they don't have a cat door to the garage so they keep the door open so she can get in and out. Well, we were talking today and they would really like to move the box inside because with the door being open, the house gets really cold. The problem is that Ellie doesn't like covered boxes, high sided boxes, etc... anything that would possibly keep the litter and mess inside the box. I am trying to think of a litter box that would help with the messiness but still make Ellie happy to use the box.They don't want to put in a cat door to the garage becasue the door is super heavy duty, but they want to move the box inside for her. If anyone has had any experience with this, I'm all ears! Any suggestions and comments are also welcomed.
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what if they (hopefully this will make sense) took the regular litter box, and took a bigger carboard box, cut out a side and laid it on the side so the cat enters the empty hole site, but the litter box is still there and they still have all their room..and if the litter gets out it has the cardboard box to catch it?? only other thing i can think of..is laying towels around it..or a bunch of litter mats?? hopefully someone will help you better!!
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I was thinking of the box idea myself.
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haha! o ya! i called my breeder who i got river from (river would make a mess too!) and she mentioned it to me as an inexpensive way..but (luckily) i was just able to buy a top entry litter box and things have been..well less messier!! hopefully jasminesmom will find a way to keep the litter down also! no one likes litter all over the place!
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So I told my friend about putting the litter box in a bigger box to catch the litter and he thought the idea was great! Of course I made sure to let him know that I got the idea from a member at this site!! Thanks again for the idea! He is going to try it out this weekend. Ona side note, I also suggested a top entry liter box because it seems like it would eliminate a lot of mess, but since Ellie is a senior citizen, he didn't think that idea would fly. Seems like a great idea though!!
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maybe you could just fence up the litterbox area with cardboard for about 3 meter x 3 meter it should be enough to confine the mess in one area.. and is easy to clean up as you can just lift up the card board and sweep the floor...
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Is there any reason that they don't want to install a cat door. You can get one from $10 - $25. Sometimes messing with the litter box, changing it, moving it etc, could start other problems such as going on the floor. I would just leave it where it is and install a cat door, a magnetic one so it closes when not in use.
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