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Poor lil kitties

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Hey all

I'm in a bit of a predicament, i love my two babies, but they're not getting along!

I have two kitties... one is about 18 months old now, she's tiny, a little princess. only about 2.8 kilos at last vet weigh in. My younger kitty is about 12 months, but would have to be at least 2 times her size, and probably 3 times her weight.

Now when the so called 'baby' of the two was young, he was smaller and easier for minxy to play with, but now, he's much bigger and she really can't 'defend' herself.

I often find now that when they're fighting, rather than pouncing and playing happily she's running, growling and hissing. He never makes a noise when they're playin, and im sure that he just thinks theyre having fun. But i think she's had enough. He is often the one that ends up injured tho, just little nose/face scratches, nothing too serious.

Now she's gotten her second urine infection in about 3 months, and i've been told these are often caused by stress. Over the last few weeks the fighting has become worse and worse. Because my partner and I are out during the day we don't like to lock them in seperate rooms as we think they'd appreciate some sort of company.

Is there anything I can do to make him see how petite and delicate she is? Or will he always be a BIG playful boy?

Will toys distract him from her? Or more hiding places for her (any ideas?)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

Also: When it comes to meal time, he is quite a guts, and she is a really picky girl. Vet said shes not 'underweight' just a small cat, and im not concerned of the amount she eats. But when they are eating it becomes quite obvious they he's the dominant kitty in this relationship! Not sure if that helps with any suggestions
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Sometimes cats play rough, really rough.
If you want to do something though you could try more toys, tire them out by playing with them with the toys and stuff for a long time.

Is the cat being attacked trying to get away? Is the atter persistant and continuously trying to attack her while she runs away?

Make sure there are plenty of places to hide. A cat tree with little holes for hiding.

Are they both fixed? They should be by now and that will help solve a lot of problems when you fix them.
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They're both fixed
and yes, even when she's trying to escape, he is very persistent...this even gets him more excited!

thinking of a cat tree, we have some atm, but none really have many hidey places

thanks for ur help!
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Hi, I think she'll be happier and relaxed alone during the day, more so than she will miss the 'company'. We have 3 males and one female and she has always kept herself a little apart from them when we're not around, in a bedroom. The others can go there, but there isn't a lot for them to do there, but if they were to bother her, we'd leave the door closed (with a box and water in the room).
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