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Will She Figure It Out?

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Topaz, who adopted us, went down into the basement Monday before it started raining. We had almost 4 inches of rain and there is 5-6 inches down there now.

She's stuck down there, unwilling to get her feet wet. We've coaxed and cajoled and finally made it down the steps (hard on me and mom since we both use canes). She will come close enough to touch her, but not close enough to be grabbed.

So I found a 2 x 4 board and left it so she can jump down to a stack of boards and then to a bag of rocks (typical for a rockhound) and then across the 2 x 4 to the landing, then up the stairs without getting wet!

That was 7 hours ago and she is still down there. If she doesn't come up on her own, a friend has offered to go get her.

Stay tuned.
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Poor baby!!!

My boy would just jump straight into the water!! Silly cat!!

Hope it all turns out ok!
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Oh, poor baby! It must be cold down there, too.

And to think I laughed when I saw little kitty galoshes at the store...
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She's out! And she didn't need the kitty galoshes.

Mom was in the kitchen at the microwave so had a good view down the basement steps. She heard a thud and looked down. Topaz had jumped from the shelf where we could just touch her and landed on the steps. Topaz ate immmediately then headed to Mom's room (and the electric blanket).

Aristotle is not too happy as he is now subject to her "drive by" whackings. And she also found the way up to the top of the fridge - one of his havens.

LIfe is back to normal. Whatever that is.
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Aw, Jan, I didn't read this thread til just now. I'm SO glad Topaz made it back upstairs, poor kitty!
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I'm glad your kitty made it back up the stairs!!!

Now, if she would just leave Aristotle alone, everything would be perfect!!
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Way to go Topaz. So glad to hear she had surfaced. I bet she was pretty hungry!

Poor Ari!
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