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LEO my siamese kitty

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Hi everyone,
I've been to this website many many times but i just discovered the forums. I thought i'd introduce my kitty leo. I brought him home from the shelter they day he was going to be put down. He showed signs of an upper respitory virus. He was only about 3-4 weeks old. I fostered him for the first few months and them loved him just too much to give him up. He is such a sweety. He is a spoiled brat. But i love him anyway. And he is just so smart. He is leash trained and loves being with people. I think he knows how lucky he is to be alive. Unfortunatly his siblings wern't so luck, They never made it out of the shelter

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What a cutie!!!

He is lovely!
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Really cute!!
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What a gorgeous kitty! Welcome to TCS!
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Leo is very handsome. What pretty blue eyes!!
He looks just like my sister's RB kitty Charlie. He was also a lynx-point.
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He is so adorable. I'm just sorry his siblings didn't find a home too.
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He's beautiful!!!
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Oh cuteness overload.
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HOW PRECIOUS!! o my goooooodness!! i cant take it! too cute!
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what a cutie! congrats on the new addition
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From one Leo mommy to another, you have a very beautiful kitty!!
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what beautiful blue eyes. He definitely looks like a great little companion, with a lot of puuurrsssonnality.
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What a pretty boy! I love his eyes and expressions.
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What a beauty! I wouldn't have been able to give him up either!
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Thanks so much for all the complements. I love leo so much. He is a special kitty, Sorry the pictures went away.

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Leo is adorable!!
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OH MY!! He is just totally precious!! I am in love
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