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He's mad at me!

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Poor Zakk. He started sneezing over the weekend and his eyes looked runny. This is the cat that NEVER is sick. So hubby brought him to the vet on Monday, and he got a Rx for clavamox, pills. Of course I'm the one who gives it to him. I gave him his dose this evening, and then noticed his hair was pretty dull. He isn't one to enjoy grooming, but is prone to getting hairballs. So I gave him a brushing with the zoom groom. I got up to throw out the hair and as I turned around he got behind me, and clawed both of my legs! Of course his nails hadn't been trimmed in awhile either! How long before I'm forgiven? He gets the pills until next Monday too!
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Oh dear - Yes, cats can be very vindictive!!!

He'll get used to it soon - Try giving him a treat every time you do it and tell him what a good boy he is and give him scritches where he likes it most!
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Maybe you hurt him accidently when you pilled him?
Cats don't seek revenge, they are not vindictive, they don't get you back and stay mad at you.
If you hurt them they will fear you.
If you do something out of the ordinary like this, they will be confused and not like it. But they should recover very fast. Give a treat before and after you pill him.
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Sometimes they just need reassurance that you are giving or doing something that is best for them.... just wait till after his nap or a half hour and give a treat! All is forgiven, and each time a new way to approach the situation is learned by both of you!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Jen
Cats don't seek revenge, they are not vindictive, they don't get you back and stay mad at you.
Sorry, have to disagree here...I'm not saying they are nasty about it, but cats definately seek revenge - My Mum's cat has done it on many occasions especially when we have gone away on holidays!! And she definately stays mad for a few days.

You may not have come across it but it definately happens!!

I would say the cat is just annoyed from having to go to the vet.

Just give him lots of reassurances and love! He'll come around!
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Well, he was snuggly in bed last night, and I thought, maybe all is forgiven.. He got his pill this a.m., no problem. Then I got home and fed him his dinner. Next thing I know, he is smacking me in the legs and meowing at me. Then he started purring? He does seem to be feeling better- less sneezes and more active. He got his pill again tonight. He is being normal now.
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I think he is just having a moment!!!

My boy does that! He jumps at me and bats my legs one minute, and then does figure 8's round my legs and purrs like crazy!!!

Silly kitties!
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