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Opie, 0; Lizard, 1

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Opie got quite a workout, yesterday. With the nice weather, I leave the back door open and Opie likes to hang out and watch birds in the backyard. Yesterday afternoon, a lizard was skittering around on the screen door. Opie went ballistic! He was jumping and trying to climb the screen. He REALLY wanted that lizard! Fortunately, the door is wrought iron and security mesh or, he might have gone through it. The lizard, finally, got down, on the patio. With it being that close, Opie freaked, again. Bill and I were, prctically, rolling on the floor, watching him. Woe betide any small creature that, actually, gets into the house. Years ago, I had cats that caught the occasional lizard. They, never, ate them, though. I found dismembered lizard parts scattered around my kitchen - YUCK! Hope that Opie isn't going to do that. I don't mind lizards but, I prefer them intact and outside.
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I had a blind kitty TAG who was an indoor kitty, but he would be the one to always catch the flies and the bugs, even spiders. His loss of sight so intuned his hearing he would wake from a deep sleep and run across the room leap up and catch a fly neatly in his paw and eat it. He was a wonder!
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Scattered lizard parts????????????? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
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That is too funny! I can just picture it.

Suprisingly, our most timid cat is the "mighty hunter" of the family. She is afraid of her own shadow, but watch out if she is in hunt mode!
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Poor lizard....hahaha :LOL:
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I can't even imagine what my two would do if they saw a lizard. Ophelia is our mighty hunter of bugs, but she is a scardy cat! Trent is just a clutz. He tries really hard, but he just isn't as graceful as he wants to be.

I bet Opie thought he was in kitty heaven. What a great TOY!
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He didn't get the lizard but, when the rare bug gets into the house, it becomes an Opie snack. Definitely, eco-friendly pest control!
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I'll bet that was really cute to watch! I love watching Spawn when she's 'hunting' insects. One time a HUGE moth got in the house, and it was just hours of entertainment for the whole family. She was literally bouncing off the walls trying to get at it, but somehow it avoided her, and I finally got the thing outside. I didn't want to hear her chewing on it if she DID manage to catch it!
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