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Attack of the kitten!!

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My kitten will attack our feet when we are sleeping or just sitting still. I understand when she does it when are moving our feet under the blanket, but how do we get her to stop attacking for no reason
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Welcome to the world of kitties!!! My 8 week old does this constantly!

Just tell her no, or say Ouch loudly...She should stop. Try to ignore her when she does it other than to tell her not to do it - And try not to move your feet away instantly as she will just interpret this as play.

Have fun! I know how you feel!
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She is about 5 months, will she ever outgrow it? So tell her no, I know that squirting her with a bottle doesnt help this one. Thanks!
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No problem!!! She should grow out of it, but some cats are just toe biters!!

Yes, a firm No is a deep voice or Ouch in a high pitched voice to let her know she is hurting you - You could also try hissing at her too, because this is what her litter mates would do if she was doing it to them.
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Kittens have such sharp teeth! But they are great when they are in cuddle mode!
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Yes, their teeth are like little needles!!!

I have only just taught my litte girl what cuddle mode is!!!
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If the firm "No" and loud "ouch" don't work, you can try giving her a short timeout in her carrier for 5-15 mins. It will make her understand that this is not socially accepted behaviour and when you let her out she'll probably be more loving than before.

If she's doing this at night then it might help to give her a fun play session before bed so that she is in restful mode at the right time.

My Chloé likes to sneak under the blankets to nibble my toes in the middle of the night. I started doing the timeouts and now she rarely does it. It meant me getting out of bed a bit but she got the message and now we all sleep better.

Hope this helps.
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The instant "yelp" reaction will teach her -- but it will take time. Be patient, and maybe wear some thick socks for awhile :-)
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Been there, done that. Bijou was a little dickens for chasing my feet and grabbing my ankles with his little razor sharp teeth. I would have to stop moving and hiss at him or loudly say no. Fortunately we both survived and now he is a true gentlekitty and we have nothing but awe and admiration for him. In fact my husband is totally and overwhelmingly smitten with him as never before with any of our other cats.
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I second the wearing of thick socks!!!
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon
I second the wearing of thick socks!!!
I "third" it!
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Bear loves to bite toes. We have been trying saying "no" real loud and i think its starting to work. But i cant stay mad at him long after he bites my toes, his cute little face allways gets to me!
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Haha, Muffy does that too! She doesn't do it as much now though. I think it's because she wants my attention whether I'm sleeping or not.
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I think I will try the time out thing if saying "no" doenst start to work soon. Thanks for all the input. I was beginning to give up hope and think I was going to have to just deal with it.
Is playing with toilet paper another uncontrollable cat thing? I have stopped putting on the toilet paper holder.
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Hi Sweety.. guessed what... my Speed (1 year 3 months) is a toe bitter as well. he will sneak under the blanket n look for my toes.

Anyway, there were times when i was watching TV or using my PC, Speed wud come n bit my toes. Usually a loud NO will deter him for a while n he sometimes he wud juz ignore completely. Therefore, i wud resort to use the water gun. the moment he saw the water gun, he wud 'stoned' for a while n if i continue showing the gun to him, he wud go away. shud i need to shoot, i always aim to a spot near where he stands. i dun shoot directly to my cats. it is my 1 way disciplining my cats. but 1 piece of advice... water gun wud be used as the last resort for me shud my screaming failed...
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Hi sweety! If she keeps doing it after the NO!, the sock trick etc... Rub some vicks vapor rub on your feet- The first time she gets a taste or whiff of that BLAH I am sure she will never want to try that again LOL GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is she your only cat? She (and you!) would likely benefit if she had a buddy. Cats don't follow the same sleep schedule as we do and they want to play when we want to sleep. If she has a friend then she will have something more exciting to do than play with sleeping humans' toes. She'll be happier, you'll be happier, and the homeless kitty who will have a home with you will be happier too! Everyone wins.
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