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My cat attacked me!

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I was feeding Maisey, and I was going up the stairs, she started meowing, then chased after me. Her tail was all puffed, teeth bared. She bit me hard on the thigh. I went into the bathroom, closed the door. I cleaned off the wound and put some first aid cream and bandaid on it. She seemed to be settled down. I've just never seen her like that and am scared. I did have some music on and she was perking up her ears and jerking her head to hear it as she was eating. When I put her cat lax on (I rub it onto her fur so she'll lick it off), she growled a little which she never does. I was wondering what I should do - should I isolate her? I think she's ok now, though. She doesn't seem in pain or anything. I'm scared to go near her. I've heard of this happening out of the blue - a woman recently posted about this, and took the cat to animal control. What should I do? It was a pretty deep bite, but it doesn't look that bad...
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I would take her to the vet and make sure nothing is wrong with her. I've never had this happen, so that is the only thing I can think of to do.
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I agree, a sudden change in behavior that extereme should be checked by a vet.
Hope your baby is ok.
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Well, we moved and her vet is an hour away. I'm afraid to move her or take her somewhere where she'd be scared and maybe lash out again. I'm guessing an animal clinic up here may take her just to check her out. I'm going to keep an eye on her tonight, see how she acts. There was one time when loud music startled her and she bit, but it wasn't like she attacked - she just bit me once and ran off. This time I had to run from her and hold a can of water over my head becsue it looked like she'd attack me again.
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Oh, I hope Maisey is OK...Did something maybe spook her while she was eating?
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RNmom, there were people talking in the song, so I think she was confused as to where it was coming from - maybe that's why she had her ears perked up and was looking around. I'm not sure... I don't want to jump the gun and possibly make things worse, but I don't want to wait around if something's wrong. She's sleeping now and looks normal.
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I would say that something spooked your cat.
You need to keep an eye on your wound also.Cat bites can become VERY dangerous and cause deep infections.
If it happens again, or she acts strange, then I would get her to the vet ASAP!!!!
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Oh I just love that, getting a random bite from my cat out of the blue. My year old cat Da-Ku does that. He bites all the time, but he will bite hard and then lick, like he's saying oops sorry.
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