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8 year old with white bump between shoulders

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Last night I took my 3 babies to the vet for regular exams, and asked the vet about a white bump the oldest one has between his shoulder blades. (Picture large white zit.) She looked at it and said whenever a cat has any kind of lump on the skin she recommends removal and histology. He has not been acting strangely or any other symptoms besides the visible spot. Anyone have experience with things such as this??
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No sorry I have never heard of the white bump. How long has it been there? I would probably let the vet remove it, seeing that it is'nt normal. GOOD LUCK
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My cat Sibohan has 2 noticeable bumps, little white nodules kinda like a little growth or wart. one is at the corner of her mouth and one is on the thin shop of fir just in front of her ear. My vet said it was nothing to worry about, she refered to it as somthing like a beauty mark. She said if Sibohan started to scratch or take the top off of them (make them bleed) she would remove them. But it dosn't seem to bother her, they havn't grown.
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Does it seem to bother the kitty? Spot has a small soft lump on the right side of his spine. It doesn't bother him when I touch it, and the vet (after drawing some of the gunk out) said it was a cyst. It came back after she "deflated" it, but it still doesn't bother him.
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Garfield had a bald spot after I put flea treatment on his shoulders.

I would say either get a second opinion from another vet who examines your cat, or go with the first vets advice to remove the lump and check it. Lumps look different, and some may be safe while others are not. The fact that your vet wants to check it out may mean it looks funny to him/her. Maybe not, but it is possible. Better safe than sorry!
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He does seem to be bothered when I try to look at it, but I don't know if it hurts or if he just does not like me holding him down to look at it I have tried to squeeze it, at first thinking it was a zit or an ingrown hair or something I got really scared by her quick reaction, and even more so since looking around on the internet about cat skin problems. The biggest worry is the fact that I can't find anything that resembles what he has. I am taking him for a second opinion on Tuesday. I am really lucky to be near Dallas, and have alot of vets who are experts in cancer and such.
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My 9 year old Eight-ball has had a white bump on his neck for about 5 years now. We don't worry about it because it hasn't changed color or size this entire time. It is very hard and feels like a wart - I check on it almost every time he is in my lap (nightly). You can either watch it to make sure it isn't changing color or size, or just make yourself feel better now and have it remove and tested.
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My cat had a white lump/growth removed about 2 months ago. The vet was concerned that it might be a mast cell tumor so she took the lump and some surrounding skin (in case it was cancer and it had spread). Luckily, the biopsy came back fine. Even if it had been cancer, from what I read when I "googled" the subject, there was a a good chance of a full recovery if all the cells border the lump were taken. The worst part of the ordeal was the big collar (cone thing), but she learned to adjust.

Good luck!
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