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My 5 month old kitten has had loose stool for a while now. Not diarhhea but loose. I took in a stool sample and it was tested positive for coccidia. I will begin treatment tonight. Will he fully recover from this with no side-effects? I have read on the site that some people had a really tough time with coccidia and was wondering if eventually everything was ok.
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Usually it's something that clears up pretty quickly, provided the medicine is given consistently, and most of it gets into the cat. I've had better luck with subQ injections than with pills. I volunteer at a shelter, and coccidia is a common problem.
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I had a HUGE coccidia drama a couple of weeks ago. Albert's vet gave us some pills that he refused to take, so we had to go back and get something else. He still fights, but that's just because he's my little Diva. The new medicine the vet gave us is called....Albon Suspension. It works great. He's WORLDS better, and he's only halfway through this bottle. And it doesn't taste bad at all: Cleo licked it up willingly when I dripped some, AND it smells like butterscotch! Nothing that smells like butterscotch can be bad, am I right?!
I can tell that he's feeling a lot better. He's super affectionate and playful again. He spent a while there under the bed moping. I can always tell when he's sick because he won't sleep in the common areas of the house, only our bedroom. Now he's passed out (upside down, of course) on the couch, just snoozing away.
I'm sure your baby will be as good as new, but don't expect an immediate change. Like I said, Albert's halfway through this bottle. We've been administering for about a week and a half or so.
Feel free to PM me if you need to, I feel like I'm an expert on this stuff now.
Good Luck!
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my momma cat and a previous litter of kittens kept getting coccidia. Truthfully, they felt better after the meds (albon) but it kept coming back. Nothing worked for me UNTILL I switched my cats over to a raw diet. Ever since then there have been no health problems at all. Not even a hint of a sneeze, never diaherria-nothing. If your cats gets it again you might want to consider a diet change to bring his/her immune system up. Cociddia (sp?) can be found everywhere so it's the immune systen that is allowing the cat to contract it.
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Thanks for your replies. I am giving him S-125 tablets. We don't seem to have Albon in Canada. Perhaps it is the same thing? Anyway, I gave him a full tablet last night and will be giving him half tablets for the next 20 days. I hope this works! I put the pill in some wet food and he ate it right up! So that was a relief. I hate forcing my cats to take pills.
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