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What is "Santa" bringing your kitties for Christmas?

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I am still trying to decide what to get my little angel Reilly for Christmas..and I was curious...what are you getting your furbabies this year?
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Shhh.... dont' tell, but Abby is getting a box of goodies from Plain Brown Tabby Toys, and I think she is also getting a heated cat perch. Yes, she is spoiled.
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I was thinking about the same thing for Harley. Except you know he would be happy with a plastic bag....*sigh*...
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I want to get something that will challenge Reilly and help with his boredom..maybe then he wouldn't be so destructive!

That heated window perch sounds like a great gift though Karen!
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maybe another goldfish tank and some hand made toys. they could also do with another cat tree.
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Let's mice(they love them), some treats(special ones), and some big empy boxes..(this will be their favorite!)
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That's "Santa Paws"! That's what we say for our pets. Well, I was thinking some sort of toy that makes noise--probably a few of them--for the cats. Sweetie and Precious (yes, those are their real names!) like that kinda stuff. Probably new food dishes too: the dog chewed their old ones up! I think they would like that. I'm not sure what else to get them yet, though...
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I'm getting Cupid a new friend! I'm getting Achilles a bed. They both get new food bowls and a new tree. Maybe a couple new shirts and blankets.
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Their "Dad" is building them a barn-type cat tree....or at least that`s the plan...if we can agree on the dimentions etc.
Santa is putting treats, favorite toys and catnip in their Christmas stockings.
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probably just some kitty toys!! if santa had the money..he'd get them a nice cat tree or something! lol. but maybe the easter bunny will get that? haha. kitty toys!! other beds? maybe..
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Tibby, Molly and Willow will be getting a massive cat tree! I'm buying the materials this weekend, so it'll be all go from there!

They will also get lots of treats and toys plus all the goodies they will get from their Aunties, friends and grandparents!

They still have a bit of shopping left for their friends, but they have lots of ideas as to what they'd like to get for them!
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Santa is bringing Ellie and Smokey a new cat tree (one that looks like a tree), Panic Mouse, some more teaser wands, pom poms and toy mice.
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I was shopping last night and I found a wonderful cat tree for Harley! I will be getting that for him for Christmas, I am so excited, I know he will just love it! I'll be heading to the Mall of America this weekend, does anyone know if they have any good pet stores or anything of that nature up there?
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Well this is the year that Gandalf and Samwise will finally be getting a cat tree. I've been looking out on Ebay and I've found a couple that I like but I also want to run by the pet store and make sure that I get the best fit for the boys.

They will also be getting some jingle balls for Gandalf and a new Turbo Scratcher. Samwise will be getting some more catnip mice and a crinkle tunnel.

When we go over to my parent's house for Christmas they'll also get some toys there and their favorite canned food for dinner plus some treats for Samwise. Gandalf doesn't like treats but he gets offered some too.
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