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D.T. for Thursday.......

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Good morning all!
Happy Thursday. Only one more day to Friday - Thank Goodness! What a long week this has been.

Hoping that all are well and happy today -

Pet the fur babes!
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Mooornin' Deb!! Well today is really usual..(if anyone has any work they'd like me to do... or any essays they need me to write for them.... Im more than willing!!! Pleeease... save my brain!!! hahha)
Last night we picked up little Pip from the vets after having undergone the "big Chop"!! bless him... but he is already back to normal trying to pick fights with the rest of the cats who are at least twice his size... haha (at least we know he's recovered!)
At present I am in a war with my Pet insurance company..ugh.... but thats another thread altogether!!!
Hope everyone is having/has had/will have a great Thursday!!! Nearly FRIDAY!!! YIPEEEEEE!!!!
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Man am I dragging today! Anybody else here have spring allergies and have they kicked in yet? Mine have and they seem to be sucking the life right out of me. All I want to do is sleep and I've been constantly yawning this week. Maybe it's this big project they have given me at work :tounge2: It's really rare that they give me so much work and this project is taking the whole week. That's why I haven't been on much the past couple of days, but I wanted to pop my head in and tell everyone hello and have a wonderful Thursday
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SNOW!!! I've got so much SNOW!!! I don't know what to do with all of it! Does anyone need some? I've got extra...

We went from beautiful weather yesterday morning, to windy in the afternoon, and then last night we got hit with a good sized snow storm. I'm not complaining, though, I still like to see it. It sure makes skiing a lot more fun, too!

BodLover, I have got WAY too much work to do. I am once again ignoring it all, so maybe I can email it to you?

I don't have allergies yet (see first paragraph!), but when springtime hits Colorado I'll be miserable until the next snowfall! So I can sympathize with you!!!

I hope everyone has a great day... I've gotta' go shovel snow! Woohoo!
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Dull day, here. At least, I don't have to shovel snow! Got a swing shift, today. Opies, still asleep, Bill's at work. The house is clean, laundry's done. Good thing, I picked up a couple of new murder mysteries, yesterday. I think I'd go crazy, without the library! Hope its an easy night, at work. Love to the kitties.
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Jin - Gimme gimme!!!! Send me all your work - and some snow too while you're at it!!!!
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Good day all!

This is my 1st full day of work this wk (sick Mon/Tues, Dr's appt Wed). I am tired already. I went to the doctor yesterday & am being sent to a sleep disorder clinic - they think I have sleep apnea which may be why I am exhausted all the time. My only question is how am I going to sleep for them if I have wires & electrods all over me? Oh well - it should be interesting at least.
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Thank god, I am finally feeling better. My nose is still congested, but my ears and throat are much better. Just in time for the weekend!

Had a rough night last night. I'm having some problems w/ internet "friends" so I spent the majority of my evening on the computer. UGH......I even missed the end of Survivor cause I fell asleep! I was so mad!!!! And this morning it started all over again! I am tempted to stay offline for a few days just to let my head rest!

Its so gorgeous here today, I'm loving it!!!!!!! I hope this means spring is here finally! I saw some buds in my garden starting to poke their heads up....I love flowers!! I cannot wait for summer and the beach!

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning! The day is going fast, although I'm not sure how. I, too, am pretty much lacking work but am finding ways to keep myself busy.

Jin - where in CO do you live? I'm here in Lakewood and we only got maybe 1/2 inch of snow. Just enough to make it really pretty, but the roads are only wet.

I have the allergy thing, but since it keeps going from 60 degrees to snow they haven't been bad - yet.

Ady - I hope your tests turn out OK. You will have to keep us posted about how they do those tests. I've always wondered how anyone can sleep under those conditions, too!
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Late in checking in here.Today is my hubby's birthday. I took him to breakfast and we had a long talk and set some personal goals. One goal was in 2 years we will have all the remodeling done (we are doing it all ourselves, adding a master bedroom, bath, larger kitchen new kitchen actually and putting down hardwood floors installing an indoor jacuzzi tub, and broadening the stairs to the second floor. We will have all this done in 2 years and have this place up for sale and be out of here. So that was cool. I just got in from feeding Racer and the rabbits and checking in with the barn cats. Bailey is much more active today, but still not out of the woods. He is eating but not well, I am hoping as the days go on he will get stronger.

valanhb- we used to live in Aurora. Colorado is so beautiful, but we got tired of the cold cold weather and moved.

dtolle- I taped Survivor for Colby, she was going to miss it because she is in Miami, so maybe after she watches it she will send it on to you? It is one NOT to be missed. Please don't stay offline, you have always added so much to this board and would be missed even for a short while!

ady, I went to a sleep clinic as well, and you would be surprised, but it is fairly easy to fall asleep, they put warming blankets on you, the beds are super comfortable and in this one room they had these chimes that were just ball bearings in a box there was sticky tape on each end of the box and they flipped the box over and the bearings dropped (sounded like rain on the roof) was pretty cool.

kat enjoy those books and your calm day!

jin have fun shoveling all that white stuff! That I don't miss! I did love Alaska though, except for those snow berms those road scrapers left in their wake.

sfell, nice to see you pop your head in and say hi

bodlover congrats on getting little Pip neutered. It takes a few weeks for all the testoterone to leave his body so he will be fiesty for just a little while.

Debra hello! Did you remember to mail that stuff out? Hope you have a wonderful day

Hello to all of you and now it's time to hit the books yet again!
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hissy, I am not going offline, although today I wish I were at times!!
Actually I will be here all day. Unfortunately I am working at home, and not outside enjoying the beautiful weather.
oh well........when summer is here, I'll be at the beach every day!!!!!!
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Don't let anyone get you down to the point you would consider leaving the Internet, especially this board!
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No way, no how! I'm not going anywhere......if they don't like it THEY can leave, right?????????????

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Well, it snowed last night. Not alot. But the roads and sidewalks were very slippery. I had to walk very carefully.

I haven't been feeling very well. I've been sneezing a lot(allergies). I didn't come to school. I had an interview yesterday for a part-time receptionist and hopefully I can get it.
nothing new. Same old same old!
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Its almost 1:00PM and, guess, who just strolled out to the kitchen, for breakfast (brunch?)? I know that he went to bed, at 10:30, last night, with me. He must have better bladder control, than I do, 'cuz I was up at 8:00 AM. He and Bill can have fun, together, after I leave for work. Here's hoping for an easy night. Love to the kitties.
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valanhb, I live in New Castle, and work in Glenwood Springs. When I got to work, I don't think we got as much snow up here as we did at home. I had a good 5 to 8 inches on my Jeep! Up here it doesn't look like there was more than a couple of inches. (It does that around here... if you go on further towards Aspen, I hear they got almost buried!) Now it's warming up again, and melting all the snow.
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Its such a beautiful day here, I just cannot help but be in a wonderful mood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glad to see today was better for you than yesterday Daniela. I can't help but wonder why people would waste their time sending you tons of nasty really shows a lack of maturity as far as I'm concerned. But hey, I guess some people feel the need to be 'thorns in peoples sides' sad pssst..suppose I'll get some more 'air time' over there for this one? :laughing2

My day went well..I found out from my opthamologist that my eye is fine, and I won't require any additional laser surgery..YAY!! I was terrified I'd need to have it redone. I'm very claustrophobic so having someone holding my head in a device so I can't move really freaks me out. I don't have to go back until next December

Hope everyone has a great 'rest of the evening '
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Figured I would pop in and say Hi to everyone.
Ady: I have a friend who has sleep apnea. She would like to have some surgery to correct it, but the insurance won't cover it because she doesn't hit some sort of mark. When her and her husband are at home, he ends up sleeping in another room because of thwe snoring and when they go to hotels, LOL he ends up in the bathtub.
Hissy: Where are you guys going to go when you sell the house?
Living here in CT right now, I have almost forgotten what snow looks like!! It hasn't been a very good winter at all. I am with Dtolle..It was BEAUTIFUL today!! I had a t shirt on, the windows open all day and our daughter got to go ride her scooter after school. I felt like having a BBQ or something!!
I am just looking forward to Friday. Tomorrow during the day I will be sitting in a training session for Military working dogs and learning first aid and such. Then we will have a bbq at work for lunch. Tomorrow night we are going to a dinner theatre to see a midevil play. It's a pre celibration for hubby's birthday. He will be another year older on Sat. All in all, I am glad the week is winding down!!
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Sandy - Canada has great medical coverage for all of it's citizens. Sleep Apnea is covered by our Provincial plan(OHIP - Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan). If any treatment is needed the government will cover it.
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Well, it was a gorgeous day today! Not as nice as yesterday, but I'm not complaining. No rain, and thank god, no snow!! Hopefully it's gone for another year. (knock on wood?)

adymarie-good luck at the sleep disorder clinic. Sounds like it'll be a unique experience anyways. Have fun!

Bye all!
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