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My current names don't have a theme, but Garfield did have a brother named Odie, who was almost identical. He died young of distemper.

And Festus' Momma was Miss Kitty, and the other kittens were Sam, Doc, and Marshall Dillon aka Mattie. I love the Gunsmoke show! Once we decided to keep Festus rather than adopt her out, it was too late to change to a more feminine name.

Sugartoes' babies were named Hershey Kiss, Zero, Smartie, Twinkie, and B.B., my little candy kittens!

We had dogs named Logan and Storm, from the x-men.

We have ferals named Captain Feathersword and Jeff from some kids show, maybe the Wiggles.
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Buffy, Kendra, Robin and Caleb are named for characters from 'buffy', Tinga is also named for a tv character. Cadbury, Blue and Thomas were already named and pretty much suit their names so we didn't change them. Latest arrival is Cody the dog, not sure where we got her name !
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i found Pixel's name in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, & thought it was a cute name. i decided to name my next cat that. then when i got the pair of kittens, i wanted to name them 'pair' names. i thought about Flower for Pixel [after the skunk in Bambi], & Rain for Mouse, but then i remembered the name 'Pixel', so i had to find a companion name for it. Mouse was blue-grey, so sorta mouse-colored. then as i've added cats, i've had to come up with new computer names for them. i may switch over to music if i run out, altho i've already got 2 more computer names when & if i get another cat.
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I have a nature theme:

Usva (mist)
Tilli (dill)
Timotei (timothy hay)

Milla was supposed to be called Ruska (autumn leafs), but she was already named by the foster family's daughter, and I didn't want to confuse her.
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When I went and picked out Marlee at the shelter, she wasn't named (didn't even have an ID card b/c the shelter was so crowded). It took me a few days to find a name that fit her, and fit in with the M's already present in extended family. (I have a dog Maggie who has to live with my parents til I get a place that allows dogs, there is our beautiful blue/grey cat Meeko who is my parents, and my longtime BF's kitten named Mick). I had typed up and printed a list of just about every M name I could think of or find on the internet. I got it down to Marlee, Mystic, Magic, and a few more, but Marlee just fit! So it stuck!
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