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Another eye goop question (sigh)

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Hello again everyone!
As some of you know I have a new kitty named Murphy He is about 4-5 months old and in good health. When i first brough him home he came down with pink eye- took him to the vet and got some eye ointment-well the pink eye went away, but then (about a week after the eye thing) he started to sneeze more so I took him back to the vet, vet said he probably has a mild uri and gave me clavamox-it has been exactly one week since he finished the clavamox ( didnt really help the sneezies I think itis allergies) I had a follow up appointment last fri @ the vet- He gave him a clean bill of health, and said since the sneezes do not produce snot or boogies (sorry gross) it is most likely allergies, maybe the cat litter? But he said he was fine otherwise, breathing ok, good color, healthy weight. Sorry this is getting kinda long just want to be thourough! Anyway, Last night i noticed there was some goo in one of his eye, it was not like the pink eye goop, it was whitish and the consistency was more like fluffy than runny and goopy I cleared it out of the corner of his eye-and kept an eye on him it did not happen again until this morning-same eye a little more of the white stuff again it was kinda cottony, fluffy-like and it did not seem to bother him like the pink eye infection-it is not swollen, red or anything and it is not runny??? Could this be another symptom of allergies???? Please any opinions would be MOST appreciated, and I am so sorry this got really long. Thanks in advance, I love you guys!!!
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URI might be coming back URI can always come and go. I would call the vet and tell them what is happening they might want to see Murphy.. Poor Murphy!!
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Yeah I was hoping you woul'nt say that But this is my 1st experience with this. Chichi is 16 and other than her evilness LOL I never had a problem out of her! I just hope when I go home tonight it is not there- then I will def call the vet, I still have alittle of the eye ointment left ( 6th sense told me not to throw it away ) should I go ahead and re-start until I talk to the vet!?!?? I really hope it is just a reaction to the cat litter or something because like I said the consistency of it is different it is not goopy it is fluffy? Oh my poor little Murph Murph- I feel like leaving this craphole job right now to go check on him- too bad I need the moneyLOL - If it is the uri regaining strength I am bleach bombing the house!!!! I will take off fri and seriously go bleach crazy!!!!!!
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i would go ahead and start the eye stuff it might help.. it did for my kitty.. What kind of cat litter are you using?
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I was using fresh step when I first brough him home- I recently bought tidy cats though ( on sale) And I hate it! It doesnt clump hard enough and its dustier! I will be going back to fresh step!!! And the eye thing just started when I "switched" so I hope it is the litter! How are you doing!!!!!??????? What is the latest on the whole county ordinance thing??
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Now are you using the scoopable kind in both litters.. Like the ones that come in the tubs not the bags? I am doing good. 2 of my own kitties might go home tonight Together..
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Yeah its the scoopable kind. But the tidy cats you sure can't tell! I will be changing the whole litter pan (again) this weekend. I try to do it every week- I just did it mon though But if it irratates Murph I will def change the litter. I guess I'll save the rest of the tidy cats for the ice LOL. You said 2 of your kitties might go home???? To your home? Or did you find them a new home? That is great news either way!!!!!!!
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I found them a new home
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