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Young and Assured, Playing Pharmacist to Friends

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Hopefully this link will work, if not, I'll try something else.


Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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I actually see this happening often, and can't tell you how many times I have complained of not feeling well and someone offer me some type of medication. I won't take anything that isn't prescribed to me, but I know people who do. I think that people really do believe they know what's best for their friends and their intentions are good. I would like to also point out that in the article they mention that the people, and they are specifically mentioning 20-30 year olds, are not taking the various medications to get high. They are basically self medicating themselves to feel better. In that age range you will find that a large majority of them are in college, working full time, and are working on a family. Personally, I do not have a lot of free time and can't imagine squeezing in a trip to the doctor right now. I think the best way to stop this from happening is for doctors to educate their patients on the dangers of taking prescription medication inappropriately.
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Oh yes, this happens all the time, between my boss and my father in law If I took what they all wanted me to I'd be in the ground. Everytime I have a headache, people pop out of the woodwork and offer me oxycodone, let alone that I'd asked to be taken off my migraine pills because there had to be a better way to get away from my migraines. And, there was. I stopped drinking as much caffeine, eating prepackaged foods, and decreased my gluten intake. I've started excercising regularly to bring down my blood pressure and i will be changing my birth control once this cycle is over. And I stopped smoking 3 years ago.

I've been off of my ADD/ADHD meds since I was 14 because my doses were so high that I had to take something else to make me sleep, and the combination made me depressed. Oh. And they gave me paxil to treat the depression which made me more violent, so they started me on prozac.. that's where I drew the line and stopped taking anything and lo, I was well adjusted, and reasonably happy again! Sure my attention span is a little screwed up, but what can you do? cope.

people today are way too ready to take a pill and fix things like that and I just don't get it!! I figure, when I'm 80, I'll be taking 8 pills a day to cheat death one more week, and that'll be just fine, thanks, but I won't be on 8 pills a day now so I can be on 20 pills a day when I'm 80.

There is no magic pill, and if I'm not taking my own, why the hell will I take yours? That said, I do have an uncle that prescribes me bronchitis medicine because he's an ear nose and throat DR, and I get chronic bronchitis. I just have to call and tell him my symptoms and he calls in a script. But, I haven't even done that in a few years.
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I agree. I see this among my own friends and have even been known myself to pop a friend's Xanax before a stressful meeting. Its the "norm". A friend of mine literally gobbles T'3's started long ago for back pain but is now obviously addicted.
I would think that I would generally not take anything that I am unfamiliar with though.
Ie) I have taken T3's and so would take one for a migraine if offered but starting to dabble in your friend's Vicodin or Oxycontin is just looking for trouble
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This is just not smart. I suppose at least most of them aren't sharing antibiotics, but still. Wow. What about side effects and other medications? I just don't think these people are thinking. I've had people offer me medicines for headaches that are bad for asthmatics. That could have been a very serious situation. In the words of Nancy Reagan, Just Say No!!
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People just have no idea what these tablet might be doing to them - And they'll end up being banned or costing us more money and that's something that I know that I can't afford.

There are people that really need to take these drugs in order to function in their everyday lives and some schmuck is just handing them out like lollies!!! These people should be put in jail for trafficking drugs!!!
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