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Originally Posted by ckblv
The Public Schools are owned by the Federal Government
The Military is part of the Federal Government.

As such, it matters not IMO what we all say, they are both part of the Federal Government and Recruiters will be allowed to recruit there.
The federal government gives money to the states for certain programs such as school lunches and programs for underachieving students. Most of the funding for the schools comes from the state and local governments. Usually it's primarily the local government. Most communities want to keep the schools under local control as much as they can manage it.

The No Child Left Behind program mandates a certain amount of rights for the military in the schools -- that is the names, address, phone numbers, etc of the juniors and seniors -- and the right to attend events where other groups are recruiting such as career days.

The issue is that the military recruiters have overstepped their rights, by calling the kids, being on campus all day everyday, and even taking the kids off-campus without the knowledge of the school administrators or parents.

The kids I am thinking of do not have helicopter parents. Most of the parents work several jobs just for the necessities, do not always speak English, and have an average sixth-grade education. The parents, and sometimes the kids, are intimidated by the military uniforms.

These kids are pretty much on their own with the recruiters who call them at home, approach them at school, and invite them for snacks and so on. They beg my daughter (their teacher) to help get rid of the recruiters. The situation is definitely distracting from their education.

BTW the recruiters approach the kids when they are 15 or 16 so that when they turn 17 and can join with parental permission, the kids are all softened up.

It is an all voluntary military, but the American kids do not want to join the military in the numbers they are needed to fight the wars we are in. Thus the over-zealous recruiters.