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small scabs on back?? - is it allergy?

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Im new here - tried searching for scabs, my little girl "patches" is about 3 monts old now and she is a crazy and hyper indoor and outdoor kitty, i noticed several small scabs when scracthing her back the other day, are these like from flea/insect bites? or from allergies, thier near her spine - so i dont think they are scratches esp since they are very small and all - guess i could be wrong - but they felt like little bumps so i picked one off and it kinda looked like scab... any ideas what might cause this - perhaps bushes/plants she gets in to? or is it allergy or flea related. thanks - steve
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Could be flea bites - have her check at the VETs and please do NOT use over the counter flea medication nor flea collars - they can be deadly!
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really? - i gave her a bath a week ago or so using a special shampoo i got at petco for fleas and stuff, sprayed her afterwards with an additional flea spray - as sh'e outside alot, i was thinking of taking her to the vet anyhow to have her spayed soon, so perhaps thats the best way.
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Yes really! Over the counter flea products rarely work very well and can be very dangerous to a small kitten. Especially DO NOT use flea collars. What you are seeing might actually be a reaction to the ingredients in the flea bath stuff you used.

Please do this baby a favour and take her to the vet. They will be able to diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment for her.

Let us know how you make out.
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go to the vet.....
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ya please take her to the vet for flea meds. over the counter kind can seriously harm or kill your cat, especially a young one. And while you are at it, you should have her spayed now. 3 months is awfully young to be letting her outside and some cats go into heat very early and as soon as any trace of heat comes on, she will get pregnant. this could be around 5 month. Since it is different for all cats, you might want to have it done now just to be safe.
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