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Kitty peeing on bed

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Ok, my sweet little kitty Pandora has started peeing on my bed. She loves to sleep on my pillow and last week she peed on it. Yesterday she peed on the mattress. It also looks as if my corgi peed on the mattress too. Do you think they are marking territory? If so, what should I do about it? Thanks!
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Before assuming it is a behavioral problem please have her check out for a Urinary Track Infection.
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I agree - have her checked for UTI! It could be that whoever peed first (cat or corgi) has a UTI, and the other one did a territorial marking response. you could also spray some Feliway on the pee area & see if that stops the problem.
I had a rescue cat who had kidney problems, and for some reason, she chose to pee whereever I slept I think that her's was a combination problem - she was trying to oust Joey as my personal cat and had trouble controlling her functions anyway.
I hope that you have success in your efforts, whatever they may be. Our pets - we love them so much, but that peeing/marking territory business that they find so normal is soooo disgusting to us!
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This thread has lots of helpful information:

First, as Helen suggested, take her to the vet and let the vet know about the peeing issues, so she can test for urinary problems. If she has an undetected health issue, nothing you can do as far as behavioral treatments will help until the health issue is resolved.

Is she spayed? If not, spaying her would be a good idea.

You'll also need to clean the mattress thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner (as suggested in the thread above) to remove any residual urine odor.

If she gets a clean bill of health at the vet, I'd suggest putting a waterproof mattress cover over your mattress to prevent any further damage to your mattress. You might also want to cover your bed with a tarp or thick sheet of plastic to protect your bedding.

My cat Felixia used to pee on the bed. I used a tarp to protect the bed while trying to figure out what was wrong, and while the vet ruled out health issues.

In her case the problem turned out to be a combination of dissatisfaction with her litterbox, because I was working long hours and she's very picky about having a spotless box, and stress, because I was gone so much she wasn't getting very much personal attention.

What fixed the problem for her was adding an extra litterbox and using cat attract litter, using Feliway (I used the plug-in for my apartment, and used the spray directly on the bed), and dedicating some time each day to interact just with her, away from the other cats.
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First rule out a UTI
second, it could be maring their territory as you said
I would make getting on the bed a privaledge and not a right.(I'm going by that's how you do it with dogs....not sure if cats are the same way though)
If they behave and do not pee on the bed, allow them on it ONLY when you can observe them.If you are not in the room on the bed, then off they go.
Iw ould also get a mattress cover to protect it from anymore pee.
Good luck
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Thanks everyone. Pandora was the first to pee on my pillow - just once and that's they only place. That's why I think the dog was peeing in response to her. But, you could be right. I probably will bring her to the vet just to be sure. Anyway, we decided no animals on the bed for a while and when I leave my bedroom I close the door so animals can't get in. I hope this helps!
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