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No, not to my furbutts lol. I dont know what it is but the past few weeks I will wake up in the morning about 4-5 times a week with my left sinus burning. My eyes will swell and water and I will sneeze about a dozzen times before I even get my coffee. I have never had allergies before (according to my mom). So I have been deep cleaning my house the last 3 days. Throwing out old clothes (god knows I have enough for EVERYONE on this board ) , dusting, vacuuming, wiping down the walls with pine-sol, lysoling everything in site and still, to no avail, I woke up this morning with them again. I bought some over the counter Claritin T and it seems to be working, but I dont like having to take meds everyday. I really HATE going to the doctor to get tested since it involves needles . Maybe an air purifier would do good? Any advice or suggestions? I have heard of people not being allergic to something one day and the next they are... strange if you ask me.....
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256
I really HATE going to the doctor to get tested since it involves needles .
Actually, I got allergy tested when I was a kid, and basically it involves (or did at that time) them barely scratching your back with these toothpick-like things that have some of the allergen on them. No pain at all, and no needles. Might want to double-check how they do it now, though.

FYI: All that cleaning is good for the long haul, but if you do have allergies, for the short term you could just be stirring up the allergen into the air.

Is it possible that you aren't allergic to anything but are developing a sinus infection? Also, maybe try a humidifier. EDIT: I just thought of something else. A lot of people have an allergen to dust mites, which really love dead human skin, which of course is all OVER the place. You might try buying (or changing) a mattress pad and buying a new pillow if yours can't be washed.
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I thought about maybe I was coming down with a sinus infection but it's not an everyday thing and when I leave the house, it seems to go away withen 20 mins or so but, when I come back, it starts again. I dont think its the brats because they curl up with me all the time and nothing happens
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Are you drinking enough water????
I had noticed over the past couple of winters (not summers) that even though we run two humidifiers while burning firewood if I do not drink enough fluids throughout the day when I wake up in the morning I sneeze. Enough water-no sneezing!!
But on the other hand-you could be stirring up some dust.
Did you happen to use any new cleaning products you haven't used before???
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This may sound silly but what kind of pillows do you use?

Feather pillows can be horrible for allergies. Hypo-allergenic pillows are better, but they can become problems too after a while because of dust mites, so they need to be washed regularly in hot water, or encased in dust-mite-proof pillow covers.
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I thought of the pillows and the cleaners and they are the same I have had before. I bought new pillows a couple weeks ago thinking that could be it. They arent feather pillows, just regular. I might just break down and go to the doctor
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