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hmm this was fly by the seat of my pants...

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I woke up, thinking of you today.

Wanting still, to hold you that way.

I knew in my heart, it couldn't be.

Too much in this life, for you to see me.

I let down my walls, just a little at first.

I wanted to cure, my curious thirst.

I let your talk, go to my head.

I dreamed of the things, that you had said.

But tonight the truth, came crashing down.

as I realized the love, I thought I had found

was nothing...

You lied you decieved me.

Said you wanted to need me.

You made me believe,

that I could be loved.

The crack that I put in my coat of armor,

ruptured clear down to the heart I call tumor.

Not caring not love, that's not what it's for.

"The heart's an affliction," as I hit the floor.

Sobbing with everything I had left inside me.

Wishing the ground would swallow and hide me.

Dreading the next time I see you pass by.

Praying I don't even ask myself why,

Someone could be so heartless and cold.

How suddenly I feel so horrid and old.

If that's what you call making dreams come true, I'd like to know what's been done to you.

To make you cause me so much pain, what was it that you had to gain

Why did you come back into my life? Why, when the last thing I needed was strife.

You knew good and darned well I hate you means love and it's loud. We've always reversed it to save face for the crowd.

I guess now it's time for me to save mine. So here's what I'll say this very last time.

I Love You.
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That was great! Did you write it?
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If you wrote that Im getting in touch with you at valentines, you can write me something fantastic!
thats really good, hits the nail on the head I think. I know Ive felt like that before.
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Yes I wrote it last night. I was very hurt and angry by the way someone had treated me. I used to write all the time in high school, but quit for a long time, just had no inclination to do it. Now my marital life is having a lot of problems and things just keep spilling out. But at least it must be better than I thought.....
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hehe on a cynical note.. the guy it's about works with me, and I got a promotion... so the next time I see him, I'm his boss....
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what goes around comes around...
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BTW I would be more than happy to make an attempt at valentines, but have fair warning some of my poetry come's out rather cheesy ... If you gave me some minor details though about the relationship,yourself and significant other, I would definately give it my best shot.
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HaHa, I voted on my own poll, obviously it was not sure because I wouldn't have asked if I'd known...
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i would rather a poem be cheesy than end like mine do or actually be like mine are period mine are almost all dark but i don't share
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But dark poetry is the greatest! think Edgar Allen Poe! I wish I could be so deep.
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awwww c'mon guys... Please vote!!
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