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Toilet training??

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Does anyone have experience with toilet training cats???I am having behavior problems and I need to know what I should do. This is long...sorry

For the last two weeks I have begun toilet training my 2 siamese kittens (7 months). It has been a gradual process, which has gone very smoothly thus far-no elimination outside the box for the First part stacking up the litter box to the height of the toilet, and eventually putting it on the toilet. Friday I moved the box on to the toilet and it was buisness as usual.They both(Max and Bella) saw the Vet Saturday for their last dose of vaccinations, and were given a clean bill of health, they even took a stool sample from Max to check for parasites-it came back positive. Then Sunday I was gone for the day and when I got home that afternoon I found Fecal matter in my bed(I am 99%positive it was Max-male neutered cat).He has done this(poop)before on occasion in his catbed, my bed and a corner. I cleaned up, washed everything and sprayed the whole apartment.
So later that night I proceeded as normal with the next step and removed the box completely and replaced it with seran-wrap and litter. Bella knew exactly what to do and urinated on the seran-wrap "good girl", Max did the same and I thought what a wonderful thing.
When I got home Monday after work I found feces on my bed again and also urine, as well as urine in their catbed. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up. However somecat did urinate on the seran-wrap "good kitty".
This morning as I was getting ready for work I saw Max eliminate on the rug, I immediately picked it up and put it on the seran-wrap and took him over to see it, I cleaned the rug and proceeded with my morning . I came back into the bathroom and somecat urinated on the seran-wrap "good kitty".
Bella seems to be getting it.
But it seems that Max is having a problem, and I do not necessarily think it has to do with the toilet training, since this series of events began before the box was completely removed. I guess it could be the stress of the changes, but I have tried to do the transistions very gradual. I really do not want to go back a step-because it appears that Bella is O.K. with it- but I will if it will help Max.
Any experience in this matter will help...Thanks
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I've always felt grateful that my cats don't have litter box problems (so many cats have them), that I never wanted to risk that with trying to train them to use our toilets.

Maybe you could leave what you have now for Bella, while setting up a litter box for Max as well?
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When my boyfriend first informed me that he would be toilet training his kitties I thought he was crazy. The same situation occured that is now happening with your babies. Anne is right. You should put a regular litter box back out and Max will more than likely use it. Monte uses the toilet with no problem and Vinnie would occasionally. We have found over the months that Vinnie is very lazy and would rather not make the attempt to jump up on the toilet. He would go potty right next to the toilet or in the bedroom. Once we put the litter box back out he began using it faithfully. Monte still uses the toilet.

Good luck to you!!
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