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Twitching kitten

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Emma is sleeping next to me right now, and she is twitching in all four of her limbs ... is she just dreaming or is that something to be worried about?
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im not shure, but she is prob dreaming. When my kitty Bear is asleep he never makes any movement like that. He is dead to the world!
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yea she might be dreaming, i wouldnt worry to much.
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Just dreaming, almost certainly. Obi gets such active dreams that not only do all of his paws twitch (the twitching can be very jerky, too), but so do his ears and his tail . . . and he'll chatter in his sleep. I wish I knew what he was dreaming about! I try not to move and wake him, because it's so funny, but I usually start laughing and that wakes him up. I wonder, even if he could somehow tell me, does he even remember what he dreamed about (I remember my dreams, but my husband doesn't remember his)?
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She's dreaming, but whatever you do don't wake her up like i did with Rosie once. I gave her such a scare that she jumped up and hissed at me
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LOL! Rosie silly kitty!

Your kitty is dreaming - it makes them twitch very violently sometimes!! But yes, Susan is right - be sure not to wake her it can give them a real fright and is a shock to their system - same as with people!
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LOL okay! Cats are so incredibly funny and cute
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