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Gilmore Girls! =D

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Who else here is a Gilmore Girls fan?

I am OBSESSED with this show.. and have seen every episode. and I still watch the reruns on the Womens network

I got a total shocker tonight though, man! Luke has a daughter?!

Hopefully things will be alright with him and Loralei!
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i like gilmore girls.. i am so glad rory is home
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Yeah.. I am glad shes back.
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I miss Gilmore girls, I used to watch it all the time but don't have cable anymore
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Next time, wait for everyone to see the program before posting such a spoiler.

I am glad that Rory is home too. I don't think Luke and Lorali will ever get married, how can they? It would ruin the show.
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It is still the only show that I make a point to watch but...recently its "magic" seems to be going down.
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I'd like them to get married... but thats my opinion. The show is ending at its 8th season anyway.. so wether they get married or not =\\
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I am a HUGE GG fan but I haven't been home Tuesdays to watch the show. I just watched season one and two on DVD and I'm itching to buy season 3.
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Gilmore Girls....YEah ... I have season 1,2,3, and season 4 just came out last week...soo excited i think im going to get it for christmas.

Last night wow.... im really curious to see how Christopher became a millionaire...and to see lukes reaction when lorilai tells him she is going to meet up with chris.....exciting.

I hope we get to see the wedding this season. it would be so awsome.

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as far as I know, Chris inheirated the money.. one of his parents died awhile back I think.. so thats where it must have come from.

I don't like Chris and I never have.. so I just hope he will leave and that nothing will go wrong inbetween Luke and Loralei. Alot of people think that the wedding won't happen.. but I hope it does.
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I also like Gilmore Girls. I am shocked he has a daughter and hope it won't affect them getting married. It seems to me though that since Luke and Lorelai moved in together, their magic spark is all gone.
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