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Anybody else have one of these?

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Grr one of those people that your darling friends introduce to then you can never get rid of the person even though you think they are VERY ANNOYING!! Not that but they are also incredibly STUPID!! Yeah..I have one of those..sad thing is that not only does he know my SCREEN NAME my wonderful friend told him WHERE I LIVE and my PHONE NUMBER!! UUUUUUUUUUGH!!
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Hmm, maybe we should check you into the witness protection program!
We should get fedora hats, trench coats, and big black sunglasses for you and Jack Daniels Joe!
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How about if you introduce me to your wonderful friend? That'll teach her!!
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If he is stupid, is he developmentally disabled? Sounds like maybe he needs a sympathetic person, cuz he's probably very lonely. Just make sure that your signals are clear that you are being kind, not interested romantically.
As for your "friend" she showed bad judgment giving out your contact information - is she STUPID? you need to let her know how you feel about that. I have had co-workers give my info. out to men who wanted to ask me out - the only one sorrier than the guy who called would be the co-worker that I laid into for it. After all, I was the single mom to two girls & "protecting the nest" was my priority!!! IMO, a gentleman simply doesn't call uninvited.
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you realy ought to have a word with this wonderful friend and put your foot down about her giving out YOUR information without your say-so.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
you realy ought to have a word with this wonderful friend and put your foot down about her giving out YOUR information without your say-so.
I agree. I tell all my friends do not give out my phone number without asking me first or when I change it, they will not get the new one.
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Perhaps your friend knew how he was and wanted to push him off on you instead?
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She is not a friend.
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I think every one meets someone like that from time to time, and most families have someone in the background they would rather not see too often! I know I have!
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Originally Posted by catsknowme
If he is stupid, is he developmentally disabled?
Ooh no that's not it he's just stupid. He used to do cocaine and apparently it took effect.
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I still have one of these people after 10 frickin years!!! She lived on the same floor as me freshman year of college. She seemed nice at first, and occassionly we would play this game that involves moving stones that she had. It was fun for awhile, but then she would be knocking on my door all the freaking time! She would also whine that she had no money all the time, and mooch rides from my friend Jen who had a car. She would also borrow money and never pay it back. She was also friends with my friend Nicole. The next year, I lived with Nicole, so I still socialized with her. The next year, my friend Jen was mad at her roomate and so was this girl. They moved in that year. Jen was ready to kill her after about a month. I had classes with this girl, and she would try to pump me to find out if Jen was talking *** about her- her words. I also had classes with her sophmore and junior year. The next year I roomed with Jen, and we wanted to live with Nicole, so she roomed with Nicole in an apt style dorm. We also needed a few other people to make up a suite so this other girl, lived with us who was BOSSY! Everyone but annoying girl just ignored the bossy one. She would also do things like rent a movie, invite others to watch it, and then ask for money to help cover the rental fee! I still see her occ socially, and I hear about her b/c Jen is still forced to socialize with her through Nicole.
Side note- she was always very prissy. Then she goes to work in Japan, and gets pregnant by some guy on a one night stand, and now she is an unemployed single mom living with her parents at age 28! Sadly, she was the first in her family to go to college. Jen is always annoyed b/c she holds birthday parties for her kid and invites her friends, and she feels she is looking for handouts
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