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Don't Mess with Me!

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Yowdy was so tired and Lily decided its time to play. Yowdy giving her his don't mess with me pose!

Lily attacks.

All tuckered out.
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What a great action shot in the middle there! Bravo to the photographer!
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Oh my!! Thats is adorable!

I love the middle shot.. her leaping and him ready for the attack
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awe!!!! that is so cool!!!
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great pics! beautiful kittys
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Love and hate relationship? Hehehehe our cats are the miute having a fight/attacking each other and the next snuggled up together

Yours are gorgeous and great action photos
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That's how play often starts between Popcorn and Rootbeer! Rootbeer will be sleeping and Popcorn comes along and attaches herself to the poor puppy's face. The dog wakes up in surprise and before you know it the two are in the middle of a rousing (if somewhat awkward) 'pawing' match in which they take turns waving their paws around each other's faces trying to smack each other on the nose or at the very least somewhere on the head. It's either that or they have a leg chewing competition. Popcorn usually wins the endurance chews. lol
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What brilliant pictures!. I would post one of them in Caption this
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Standing ovation for your action pictures.
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That's funny...its the before, during and after the attack!! lol
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How funny...


"I can take it laying down."
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I literally spit out my coffee on the "pouncing"shot!
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those are amazing shots it's like....leave me alone .... don't mess with me.... oh, okay snuggle *smile*
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Great pics!
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Great pictures! I love the middle one, thats a really great picture!!
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i love the second pic!!! so cute!! haha
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Excellent pictures - well done for capturing the action so well!

I love Yowdy's leave me alone pose!
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I love the action shot in the middle!!!
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Those picture are so cute!!!
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great pics they are goregeous kittie
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That is a great series of shots! Thanks for sharing them - super funny!
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Aww. The first picture made me laugh! So cute!
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Those pictures made my day! Yowdy sprawls out just like my seal point Simon! What a character, thanks for sharing those pics!
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Darling kitties....and great pics...are you using a digital camera...or what???
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Yes I use a digital camera..Samsung 7.1 pixel with 3x zoom
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those are great!!!, talk about capturing the action!!
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What great pics, and so cute.
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