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Chicken bones

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My cats just got into the garbage and ate some chicken bones. Is this ok because they seem to love them. They were very upset when I took them away. I know cooked chicken bones are a no-no for dogs. Are they ok for cats?
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No, they absolutely are not accetable for cats. They have the potential to not only cause choking, but to splinter and cause internal injuries. Watch them very, very carefully, and if you see observe any unusual behavior at all, I would strongly recommend you contact your Vet immediately.
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were they raw or cooked bones???
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They were cooked bones. I actually just called my vet and she told me the same thing, to keep an eye on them, but not to panic. She said dogs generally swallow the bones whole, but cats usually chew them so the health risk is reduced. I was freaking out at this point so she reassured me she doesn't see many cats come in with these sort of health problems. They really didn't eat very much before I caught them in the garbage so I'm really hoping they'll be alright. The vet said if there were no problems by the weekend, they'll be ok.
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Good job keeping such great watch over them and stopping your little garbage bandits when you did! Bet they didn't eat much at all. You did the right thing to call your Vet, thank you for sharing the conversation with us!

You must feel so worried tonight. With their loving Mommy keeping such close observation of them, your babies will be great!
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glad you called the vet... raw bones are fine for kitty though I am not brave enough to give them... cooked are a real no no as you found out... so glad the "kids are fine
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