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Kitty shots

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Stormy got her second set of kitty shots today at 13 1/2 weeks old. Tonight she has the shakes for some reason and I wondered if it has to do with the vaccine they gave her? SHe doesnt seem to be uncomfortable or anything but when you hold you she feels like she has the chills or something. Just wondered if anyone else ever noticed anything like this after vaccines.
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I'm not sure but I would give the vet a quick call and just make sure everything is ok.

Good luck! I hope your baby is ok.
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Thanks for replying and so quickly....
The clinic where I take her is closed right now but there is a after hours number so I may just give them a call. She doesnt shake all the time so thats why Ive not been overly worried and she is comfortable and quiet. Like right this minute she is sleeping on my lap and she is no longer shaking. So I dunno......just wondered if anyone else had experienced it. If she keeps it up Im going to call in a bit.
Thanks again
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Maybe she's still anxious from the vet? It's hard to tell by your description. If she is eating and playing the same I wouldn't be too nervous, but if she has tremors still I would def call them!
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Well she ended up being fine all night and I didnt call. Shes been eating/playing/sleeping/bathroom all fine and acting totally normal. So maybe it was just nerves?? But anyhow just wanted to let you all know she seems Ok today.
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i took my little guy in last week and when he got his second shot he felt a little drowsy and when you went to pickk him up to hold him he moewed quite a bit but nothing like like chils. glad to her everything is fine and good luck with you next shot i go in the Second week of December.

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