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My kittens have a RUDE tendency of JUMPING on my lap when im on the computer.
This has resulted in lots of scratches and scars on my legs.
How how do I stop them?
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1. Clip their claws.
2. Every time they do it, push them off, say No loudly, and then ignore them. Keep pushing them off if they keep jumping - But remember to ignore them - Try not to look at them when you push them off.

Hopefully they'll get the hint soon enough!
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Mine do that too. Charlie just thinks it's a game when I push him off, but eventually he gets tired of it.
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I have small scissors like so:

Could I use those to clip their nails or do I have to buy the ones at Petlands?
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Do you have nail clippers (human ones)?

I think they would be easier, but you could use those. Just be very careful, and make sure not to cut too far - You mustn't cut down to the quick - Google to see how far you can cut. If you do cut so far down, it will bleed very quickly.

Just make sure you hold the cat really tightly when you do it, to make sure they don't move at the wrong time.
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I wouldn't try it with scissors -- they're not made for cutting something shaped like a claw, so they're likely to slip. Also, you'll have to use a lot of pressure, and that increases the chance of hurting the kitty. And even if you're able to make the cut, the flat blades are likely to crush the claw or even split it painfully up to the quick.

Human nail clippers do a somewhat better job, but nothing beats the special clippers you can get at a pet store -- they have curved blades that wrap around the claw to hold tight and cut cleanly. Some of them also have a guard panel that helps keep you from cutting too deep.

Well worth the six or seven bucks!
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You can also buy some good nail clippers at Wal-Mart if Petsmart isn't near you.
I wouldn't use the scissors because you could slip and really hurt the kitten or you.
I've found wrapping Blaze in a towel to cut her nails is easier for both of us.
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Use the proper claw clippers rather than scissors.

And the kittens are only doing whats natural by jumping up. Sophies nearly two and always adopts a place on my lap when i'm on the computer, and theres many members here who would love their cats and kittens do do that so your lucky.
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I've found human nail clippers split the claws, could be very nasty

Alfie always jumps up on my lap when I'm on the computer, I think it's lovely
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I find human clippers (toe) work well. You just have to make it a solid quick motion. I think they work better than the kind where you place the claw in the little loop and the blade comes across. Those I found to split. I currently do use the curvy cat clippers but I find human clippers to work about the same. Of course there might be some splittage anyway as there are so many layers and some are bound to break free while you clip but that is normal.
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At least he's on your lap... Sleeves jumps on the keyboard and will not budge. All sorts of things appear on the screen!
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Mine love to jump on my lap at the computer, too. They ruined several pairs of pants with their little claws. I just keep a blanket nearby, and try to remember to put the folded blanket on my lap so my clothes or skin aren't damaged.

However, if you do not want them on your lap, just trim their nails when they jump up. That solves 2 issues-their nails get clipped and they won't jump up again real soon.

I love how my kitties jump up for some loving and chin scritches, then settle in and give themselves a bath, then take a nap.
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I use regular nail clippers. The first time I cut Bears nails he was alseep the whole time. The next time did'nt go as well though.
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Ours do this all the time Both Zazu and Mojo love to watch the pointer go around the screen And last week my back showed the damage Cats will be cats
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Originally Posted by Zazusdad
Ours do this all the time Both Zazu and Mojo love to watch the pointer go around the screen And last week my back showed the damage Cats will be cats
Oh yes. Mine look hilarious. All you see is two furry heads going left to right, up and down.
Then they try to swat it with their paw, I move the cursor down, and they look for it under the monitor
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