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The Younger Weeks

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Slightly edited and haphazard... here they are. After Popcorn was fattened up a bit (and also after a bit of scrubbing around the eyes and so on).

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They are TOOOOOOO cute!!!

How sweet is Rootbeer!! And what a great name! Its so good that they get along together!
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They were an 'experiment' that I'd been wanting to perform for a long time. You know you can hear that cats and dogs get along great especially when they grow up together but to experience it for your self is something completely different! When Popcorn was being bottle (or zip lock baggie at first) fed she would constantly beg to be held. I would set her down to do something and she'd cry. It got to the point that the only time I wasn't holding her was when she was asleep (and even then she was in my arms more often than not!). I had to have my brother hold her so I could fix her bottle (or plastic bag) or so I could eat breakfast, get dressed or any number of necessaries that require both hands! lol I'm glad she's a bit more independant now! Sometimes though when everyone else was eating or doing whatever they were doing with both hands I would wedge her into the middle of the eight puppy heap that happened to be in a big cardboard box in the dining room at that time. The puppies slept on with added warmth and the kitten (still developing non-existant body fat) was warm, snug and next to a beating heart that could lull her to sleep. Looking at her now it's hard to believe what we came through!
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Awwwww...What a good girl!!!

I know how you feel - I have just done the same and my girl has just reached 8 weeks!!!
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How sweet they are together!
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They are soooo sweet together!
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Signature test... lots of hard work hope it pays off at least somewhat!
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Aw how cute!!!
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Oh my goodness - that is just sweetness overload!!

Your signature looks good, but it is a bit wide for the forums. We suggest a width of ~600-650 pixels, so the threads stay all the same width.
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awww how cute...what sweet sweet little babies!
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