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is this normal?

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My cat Noah is always playing with his one toy: a furry squirrel thing. For the past month or two, while me and my bf are in bed sleeping, he'll start to play with it for a long time, and then let out this awful meow, more like a bellow. And he'll drop it at the edge of the bed and continue to bellow until we wake up and pay attention to him.

Is this normal? I know that with cats, a lot of things that would seen like they'd be abnormal aren't cause cats are unique, shall we say. But I'm just wondering if anyone elses cats do this ritual?
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I have a cat who cries for attention. Usually sometime during the night. And if I answer him, he eventually finds me and begs for loving.
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and a lot of cats do this, especially if they get the attention they want.It is sort of like a kid in a high chair with a toy and he drops it on the floor and squawks until someone picks it up hands it to him and then he drops it again. He knows how to get someone to pay attention to him! LOL I have on cat that plays with bottle caps. She will leap on the bed at night and drop it near my ear then nudge me till I wake up and throw it for her. If I ignore her, she sometimes bites my ear to remind me of my responsibility! LOL
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My cat will stand outside the bedroom door and cry when we go to bed. I ignore him and go to sleep.

Our cats will also do this in the morning. I keep my canary in the bedroom and mornings are when he is singing the loudest. Lucy will stand outside the door and pathetically meow to be let in the room to kill the bird. I just ignore her and she usually doesn't meow very long.

I would shut your bedroom door and your cat will not bother you while you are sleeping.
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thanks for your replies!

They were reassuring to know I'm not the only person dealing with the strangeness of a cat!!! lol
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Definitely not. I am exhausted today because Jinxy kept me up all night begging for my attention. He has this game where he chases my hand under the covers and then I reach up and grab his paws under. Now he wakes me up several times during the night, not by meowing, but by tapping my face gently with his paw until I wake up. Then he will start to dig at the covers to tell me he wants to play the game. I should kick him out, but it is terribly cute. He also cries sometimes when he is downstairs to make us come down there and play with him or get him. My heart is overflowing!!
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