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I am crying..and i feel dumb for doign it..but i just bashed my knee into the desk........
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you poor thing !!! I know how that feels I do it at least 3 times a week. it hurts like hope it feels better soon and isnt too sore
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the worst part for me. is the fact that i have no cartlidge in my knees anyways so they already always hurt.....WAAAAHHH i wanna just be a big baby
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i hope it stops hurting soon
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Ouch! Sending lots of good vibes!
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Oh... what hurting it was for you... I´m so sorry! ...
Sending (((((((Good Vibes))))))) to you Katie!
PLease feel good soon!
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Ouchie Katie! Sending lots of feel better vibes your way.
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thanks it still hurts but feels a bit better
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Since I`m almost old enough to be your Grandma.... (My grandson is only a year younger than you) here`s a * (kiss) for your poor little knee to make it feel all better!
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OW! OW! OW! Somebody needs to give that desk a good talking to -- how dare it jump out like that?
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Awww!, I hope your knee feels better soon!
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