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New Holiday Siggy Check

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just checking to see if it is too big and if its not what yall think. My other siggy is the one Hope designed for me and will be used as my "regular" siggy but i just can't help messing with this thing i mean HELLO i cet to create stuff lol. this is so much fun i could do this all day!!!
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It's very festive. It's the right size physically, but the byte size is too large. They want it to be 30 bytes or less. Let me see if I can save it with Photoshop for the web, and I'll send it to you, if I can remember your email address.
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That's so cute! I love that the kittens have snow on them! LOL

I get that it is slightly too big, at 42 KB (30 is the limit). The height limit is 150 pixels total, with text, so if you shrink it to about 125 pixels high it should be good to go.

I'll move this to the Tech forum.

Almost forgot...and thank you for asking if it's OK for size. We really do appreciate it.
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i can go back into my photoshop and do it i think i have got the hang of the whole photoshop thing down now lol the background i greated entirley in ps. i tossed it back and forth between ps and photo filter lol i can never use just one program. ill let ya know if i have problems and need rescueing lol, thanks
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If you have any problems, I did save it at a little over 27 bytes at the same size you have. If you want it, I'll have to send it via a PM. If you are able to save it smaller, that will be cool. By the way, saved for the web, at the size you have it now, it looks just exactly the same at 27 bytes as it does at 43 bytes.
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ok how is this? better? i think it said it was 22bytes
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Oh I forgot about the text, below the siggy.
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ok i think i got it now thanks for all the help
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Yup, it's all good now! Again, thank you for asking! And I really do love the festive signature!!
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How cute! I like the snow on the kitties, too!
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THANKS!! I wanted to do something that wasn't speciffically thanksgiving christmas or newyears although i thought about putting feathers behind ailey a party hat on isis and a holly bowtie on slaem but that would have been tooooo much lol. thanks again. you will prob see new siggys with me all the time lol. i love doing this. i wish i could find a job that let me do this for a living !!!!
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ok its sad when you can't spell you own cats name lol
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I love your sig...looks festive..
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I really like it, too. It has just the right touch of festiveness.
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Perfect! Only thing is in holiday season it is Summer!
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Darling winter siggys!!! I love them!
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