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Originally Posted by Crys
where do you live? I would take this cat. I foster cats for a no kill shelter.
It is very sweet of you to offer but the OP hasn't been on this site for weeks. I'm afraid she did take the cat to the shelter. The first page gives her email address...you may want to try to reach her through her email.

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How sad!! 1 week is ridiculous for rehoming a kitty. Rehoming this cat is ridiculous in general. Poor thing.

I agree with most of you that this kitty should/should have been spayed. And as for it being unnecessary, I beg to differ. You are preventing behavioural problems, overpopulation, diseases, and cancers to your cat (the chance for reproductive cancers increases by 80% or so for unspayed cats).
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Ok guys, thanks for trying. But the OP has moved on, and this thread is being locked.

The sad part about this scenario is it plays out in homes all over the country. Cats are at times considered disposable. If they act out, or appear to act inappropriately by their owner, they are often dumped off at shelters, left in the woods, or dumped near places such as I have that rescue cats.

This cat should have been spayed many years ago. By keeping her intact, the owner made her go through repeated heat cycles, and who knows how many kittens she had? Maybe none, which then opens her up to pyometra a deadly disease if not treated. There are other concerns as well in leaving a female intact.

Yes it is a surgery, but a neccessary surgery unless you are an ethical, registered breeder and not the backyard variety type.

So bottom line, our responsible members knew the right thing to do under these circumstances, but the OP was not receptive to the suggestions and the cat lost out. Hopefully, the cat didn't lose her life over this.

This thread is now closed. If you have any comments about it closing please direct those comments to a moderator
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