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Is a cat right for me?

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Hi. I just joined. My name is not rico but my cat's name would be.
I've been trying to find the right animal for me for some time now. I've tried everything you could think of. Dogs, cats, parrots, even pigs and ducks! I've decided a dog isn't right because I am a couch potato so I thought a cat might do it for me. I don't know if a cat will fit this description of what type of pet I want but here it is. I want a playful animal that doesn't need to go outside regularly, I want it to be affectionate. Everything I hear about cats I like but I'm afraid they might be to aloof. I have a family and a son and my son wants to make sure whatever we get is playful. I just read that oriental cats like Siamese love people so that might be a solution.

Sorry for the long post.
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Hi and Welcome To TCS!!!

So I hope soon put pic´s of "Rico" on the forum to meet him!

see you on the forums!
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I think you would be fine with a cat! I would'nt necessarily single out a breed though, each cat has their own cattitude so just concentrating on one breed might give you unsatisfactory results I would recommend going to a shelter and " meeting " the cats, or if your a softy like me and can't look into their desperate little faces, try a rescue group- most of the time they are adopted out through foster parents who have raised them and socialized them well so they are well suited for family life welcome to TCS btw!!!!
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Long post? HA! Trust me there are some on these forums that would put yours to shame! =0) I'm looking into getting a Siamese myself. With alley cats it's (temperment-wise anyway) like playing russian roulette; you don't know what you're going to get. Purebreds are a little more predictable. I've been looking through the profiles on the Siamese Rescue site. They give you a pretty good idea of what each different cat is like, how they are in a home, with kids etc. You might want to look at that. They're very careful about who gets their babies. If I were you I'd go for a kitten that was born in a foster home that way you won't get one that comes with abusal baggage. Rescuing those are rewarding but if you're a first time cat/Siamese owner this seems like a better idea.

Edit: I've only recently become aware of foster homes myself. Up until a few days ago I thought all the cats were shoved in a cage in a concrete room and left there with the occasional bowl of food. Shows you how much research I did eh? =0)
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Considering a Siamese, are you? *evil grin and wink* I am happy to answer any questions you may have about them.

They are wonderful with kids, so long as the kids know how to respect them and their "personal space bubble". They are playful, curious, athletic and active cats, with a curiousity level that can be highly amusing, but also highly frustrating at the same time. They are very intelligent and have been known to mimic their humans (my boy Tonka calls me "Ma Ma" every time I enter the room and my girl Lexus tells me "Oh No!" when she has done something naughty - I am not kidding). They are ~extremely~ vocal, even downright mouthy at times. They let us think we can "train" them to do fun things like walk on a lead and harness or fetch, when in reality, they train us to take them for walks and throw for them. *smile*

They bond very, very closely with their people and have been known to be quite protective of those people once chosen. This is where they have gotten a bad rep IMO - they don't like strangers upsetting their environment as a general rule, and will often "patrol" the house to ensure all is right within their world. They dislike change whether it is of routine or furniture. They are very much creatures of habit and routine and will protest loudly and often inappropriately when such changes occur.

They are extremely social beings and it is nothing short of torture for them to be confined away from the people they love. They are heat-seekers and will find the warmest, sunniest place in your home to make their very own. They are thieves, stealing anything that catches their fancy to cart off to parts unknown, only to be found sometimes years later when you finally decide to clean under that particular piece of heavy furniture.

So, what else can I tell you?

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Oh my gosh! I have a friend who had or has (can't keep track of her cats lately) a cat who would steel away shiny objects and hide them behind their toilet. If the stash was ever disturbed those items would go right back to their resting place behind the john within a matter of hours. lol Guess that kitty had some siamese in him!
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I'd go with a shelter can find any temperment you'd like in a veriety of different shapes, sizes and colors!!! I for one, have a big shelter cat (a brown tabby named Leo) who is very outgoing, playful, and talkative yet, very mellow and easygoing (i.e. if I put him on my lap, he will generally stay there, but doesn't cuddle up on his own), but he doesn't like to snuggle particularly often (although, he loves his belly rubs.) I also have a little shelter cat (a solid blue named Lola) who is snuggly, loving, and affectionate, but isn't hyper and has had instance of being shy around new people. And I love them both!

Welcome to TCS!!
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Oh btw, someone on some other forum (i frget which) told me to get 2 cats if I decided on cats.
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Is that true? They said they'd keep each other occupied.
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Yes and it's twice the fun!
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

I've heard that Siamese make lovely pets too. My two indoor babies are Singapuras and very true to their breed characteristics, but very individual too. I would recommend meeting the kitty(kitties) first so that you can see whether you take to each other. Lily is certainly much happier having her big brother around, they do keep each other entertained.
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You sound like a cat person to me. Welcome to TCS. I hope you find the perfect kitty or 2 for you and yours. I have had great luck with rescue kitties being very lovable, but only you can know what is right for you. Keep us posted, we would love to hear about your search.
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Welcome Rico. I'm not sure if that's your name or your future cat's name

I have a Siamese mix. She is extremely friendly and affectionate. Loves to head butt and sit on your lap but cats are not dogs-they bond with you but on their terms. If they don't want to play right now they won't. I think for most cat owners/parents/fans that what you love about them, their independent spirit.

I also have 2 cats-more litter cleaning but they do amuse each other and you.

You can usually find rescue groups that have some Siamese mix breeds and just wonderful friendly mutts. You'll know when you meet them. Good luck, bring the kids with, and have fun kitty hunting.

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Whether you get 1 or 2....I`d opt for getting a cat (or big kitten, several months old) as you can tell a bit more about their personality then. Smaller kittens are always darling, but then might end up not developing into "snuggle-bunnies" when they grow up. Not all cats end up being lap cats....and you did say that you wanted one that was real loving.
We`ll be waiting to see pics when you get hi/her or them!
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Some cats are sweet and loveable and some are as mean as can be!
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my two are moggies and Maverick was a wild, semi feral little thing when i got her! they have both bloomed into wonderful cats with lovely personalities and a big part of my life.

upon meeting them many non-cat people have been 'turned'. lol. my dad was actually a cat hater before we got Mav and he loves her and Jupiter just as much as his dog. my best friend is very much a dog person but she just told me last week she might get a couple of kittens now shes got used to my two!

cats make lovely companions but if your unsure why dont you offer to foster for a while? that way you can get a cat for a few months and see how it works out.
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Originally Posted by rico
Is that true? They said they'd keep each other occupied.
i think 2 is better than 1, especially if they're going to be alone all day, like mine are - i'm a single cat meowmy, & i work all day 5 days a week. try to pick 2 cats that seem friendly with each other - if you're going to a shelter, they might be able to tell you of a pair that are friends.
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Welcome to TCS!!

Cats are wonderful!!, they have brought me so much happiness, I'm sure they would to you too!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hi Rico,
well.. guessed what.. my lil kitty also called Rico but that is short for Enrico 'Marble' Mauritius n happily to say, Rico did respond well with his name... my Rico was a stray n rescued him from the street. i got a picture of him at my thread. go check him out...

oh yeah.. i m a newbie 2

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Cats are so for you! I would agree with everyone who says rescue a kitty. I think they realize that you saved them from being in a cage with a bunch of other kitties. They are loving and playful and everything you could want in a pet. I have turned my boyfriend and all of his friends into cat people with our new baby. Go today and pick out a pretty kitty or two. better yet get the one who is so ugly he is cute that no one else will take home.
post #23 of 24're asking a forum that revolves around CATS if a cat is right for you...what did you expect us to say?! Cats are awesome!!!!
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I agree with getting 2. I also think cats choose you so if you go to a shelter you will know which cat/cats are meant for you.

We have pedigree cats only because we've had moggies for years and I always missed my beautiful Siamese I had when I was young and vowed that my next cat would be a Siamese. Well we have 2 of them as I truly believe Siamese do better in pairs. They are a constant joy in our lives and my husband, daughter and I can barely wait to get home from work at nights to be with these beloved animals.

There have actually been times we haven't wanted to go out to a function because we didn't want to leave the cats home alone.

Kind of sad isn't it!

I hope you find the animal/animals that you are looking for and that you will both be furrever happy.
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