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kennal cold

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as many of you probably know i volunteer at the hiumane society. i was visiting the other day after school, and many of the cats were sick and coughing and sneezing. i always wash my hands and stuff after i get home because i dont want to make my cats sick... guess i didnt do a good enough job. Baby had been sneezing alot, and brandie is starting to also. Is kennal cold something that passes or something to take them to the vet for?
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from my experience a dog may have kennal cough or a cat may have an upper respiratory infection. what I would do for the moment is watch both of them. If there is no change in eating, drinking, pooping and peeing I would not drag them to them Vet since URI's are viral and need to take their course. If something changes that you would consider out of the norm I would bring both in!!!

Good luck and hope both feel better soon
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It is usually a viral thing- For the most part it just has to run its course Alot of times vets will prescribe anti-biotics as a precautionary to prevent any opertunistic (sp)infections. Are they really bad? How old are they? Kittens and older cats, or cats with existing health problems are the most vulnerable. My recent addition, Murphy , had a URI ( upper respitory infection ) when I first brought him home. I had to take him to the vet because he had pink eye- they put him on eye ointment, about a week later his sneezing increased so I brought him back and they put him on clavamox ( antibiotic) but he is fine now THANK GOD! My resident cat Chichi never really got sick, She sneezed a couple times, had runny eyes for a day or 2 but she never got ill like Murphy did. If they have goopy ( white-or green) stuff coming out of their eyes, sneezing out gunk, boogers ( Soooo sorry for the grossness!) I say take them in ASAP. But if the eye discharge is'nt goopy, lets say just slightly watery, and they are lightly sneezing-no mucus I would call avet and get their opinion, but ultimatley (sp) it will have to run its course. But if the eye discharge goes from watery to goopy take them ASAP or if they are having difficulty breathing. GOOD LUCK let us know how they are doing!
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You can carry contagious agents on shoes and clothing. A shelter worker I know does a complete change of clothing as well as washing before going into the house to her own cats.
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thanks guys i think they will be fine, they are normal accept for occasioanal sneezes, all 3 of my girls are between 2-6 yrs old so i think all is well. ill keep watchin them though
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