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Hi everyone. As you know, I'm new here. And glad to have found an awesome site about cats with thousands of members to exchange advice, and stories about our cherished cats. I have two cats under my wing right now, Noah and Cleopatra. Noah is just over 2 years old, and Cleo is about 7 months. They're the best!!! I look forward to talking to you all. Ta-ta for now.
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Welcome to the site! I've already seen your postings in The Cat Lounge. I'm glad you are jumping in with both feet! I am fairly new around here as well, but everyone is so nice I can't help but post a lot, too.
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Welcome to The Cat Site. I'm new here too, but everyone here is nice and very helpful with kitty issues.
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Meow and Welcome. I just love your kits' names!
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Welcome! Hope to see you posting often. Don't forget the pics.
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