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Chewy and Belle

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The saga continues.... I know it has only been about 10 days since I brought Belle home (she is about 18 months) and I have been changing beddings back and forth and keep them seperated (with the exception of seeing each other through a closed window and that was pretty scary). Well this morning Belle was in her room (with the door closed) when Chewy (about 5-6 yrs - adopted us so can only estimate on his age) starting walking by the door and all of a sudden stopped and starting throwing himself againt her door... Is this normal??? and do you think with this kind of behavor that they might someday be civil towards each other.... I am getting very attached to Belle and don't want to have to give her up.... She is everything Chewy is not... so its so nice having them both... Chewy is very independent, mean at times, is outside 95% of the time and will only sit with you on his terms... don't get me wrong I love CHewy for everythign he is.. and he has come a very long way... used to be I couldn't even pick him up now I can (for a short time) Belle on the other hand follows me around like a puppy dog when I let her out of the room...and is very loving... Sorry this is so long, but I just want it to work out...
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My boy Diesel throws himself at the bedroom door ALLLLL the time!! He is constantly trying to get into where the baby kitten is!!

It takes time to get some cats to like each other.

Just keep trying!! I'm still trying to get my two together as well!
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My 2 are just about as opposit as you can possibly imagine...and they are BEST BUDDIES. I did`nt even know about proper introductions last spring when we got Tedy and just turned him lose in the house. Toby did some hissing , growling and hiding the first 3 days and then they started playing. (Tedy was very non aggressive...he came from where there had been 20 cats, so probably wondered what Toby`s problem was!) They were both about 6 months old when we got Tedy and can not stand to even be in another room away from one another.
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Hi, I have two kittens and two grown boys. The kittens were alone for about a week. The cats knew something was going on. Eventually the friendlier of the my two, rocky starting crying at the door to come in! We let him in, and he would watch them very closly. Within in days, the kittens would approach him right away, and he would hold them down and lick them, with a few kicks to show he was boss. If he started getting to rough, we would let him out. When he left the room the other cat, Zakk would sniff him very carefully. Eventually he would venture into the room if he was upstairs and we were around to let him in. He would watch the kits, and let out a couple growls at first. We would let him out as soon as we heard a growl, and he would be happy to leave. The growls stoped after a few weeks. He still gives a few smacks in the head to show whose boss. Right now, he pretty much just tolerates them.
They are just about fully intergrated right now, after just over a month. The kits have their room still, but the door is open most of the time. Rocky loves having the kits to play with. If the boy kit starts beating on his sister, he gets mad and "boofs" him. He is very protective of her.
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Ok its not going to well with the two cats. When Belle sees Chewy through a window she hisses and makes this horrible sound. What else can I do to get them together. I've tried the bedding swapping, peacemaker and this week-end I will put Cewy in her room and put Belle in the garage, maybe this will help. Wish me luck!
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