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basic kitten care

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Hi--just joined this forum as I am getting a Siamese kitten soon.I have two dogs and have had them all my life, but have had only two other cats, the last being a 12 and 1/2 year old Siamese who died of smoke inhalation when my house burned three years ago. Anyway, since it's been so long since I have had a kitten, need some input on diet and vaccination protocol, especially the latter since there has been so much negative written about overvaccination--am familiar with it in dogs, core vaccines to be done only, but haven't a clue about what vaccines are recommended now for kittens--feline distemper and leukemia, I would imagine--but when and how ofen. What dry cat food? Canned? Assume there are "natural" cat foods for cats as there are dog foods made with human quality ingredients. What foods shouldn't you give kittens? See--told you I am ignorant about cats, for the most part. Thanks. TWitEm@aol.com
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LOL, you aren't ignorant, you are just wanting to find out what may be the best for your new companion. Yes, there are SEVERAL protocals for the stuff you asked about. So I will just give you my oppinions and experience.
With vaccines I really beleive it depends on your situation. If you have an indoor only cat who will always be an only cat or only have one companion I would vaccinate as follows
8 weeks- feline distemper & Deworm
12 weeks- Feline distemper, Rabies and Deworm
16 weeks- Feline distemper
At 1 year and 3 months (when the rabies will be due) the annual rabies booster and the feline distemper.
Rabies is usually mandated by your state. Yes, you can ignore that, but I choose not to because if one of my cats got out by accident and got picked up, it could mean serious problems all around. After the cat has had at least 2 annual booster of feline distemper, I would go to an every 3 year schedule.
If the cat is going outside I would recomend the feline leukemia at the 12 and 16 week marks and then annually. I don't ever recomend the FIV or FIP vaccine as they are not proven to fight the virus and can sometimes cause it.
With food, I have never given wet food to my cats. It helps contribute to tooth decay and bad breath. It is fine if given as an occasional treat. A good quality dry kitten food should do just fine. However, I know that some Siamese breeders recomend given them wet food at least through the first year along with the dry food. If you want to try an all natural food, I would go with Nutro or Wellness. Some cats and dogs don't tolerate the all natural foods very well and in that case, I would go with something Like Eukanuba, Iams, Science Diet or Royal Canine.
I think I got all the questions
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Thanks for replying to my post, Sandie. Will be looking at some kittens this week-end. TwitEm@aol.com
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