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Introduction of self and critters

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Hi--I just wanted to introduce self and canine family--which is soon to be increased by one Siamese kitten. At present I have a 14 month old female Rottie named Anna Karenina and a 24 month old male Golden retriever named The Great GAtsby. I lost a beloved `12 and 1/2 y/o female Siamese cat when my house burned on 2/25/99. She died of smoke inhalation along with her Rottie buddy. The firemen said that they found both of them together, curled up side by side in the kitchen--they just couldn't make it to the doggie door in time. Anyway, I got another female Rottie last year, and it is finally time to get another Siamese cat. I see my first litter of Siamese kittens this week-end. Since I haven't had a cat in a long time, thought it would be both fun and helpful to join this forum. Don't guess I'll have much to contribute for a while--except to regale you with the antics of my mixed family when it is all together. Haven't thought of a name for the kitten I'll be getting yet. TwitEm@aol.com
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Welcome to the site! Another Coloradoan! We may just catch up with those Texans on the site!

I'm very sorry to hear about your previous kitty and Rottie. At least they weren't alone.

I'm sure you will have some interesting stories to relate to us! There are a few people with mixed families on the site that will be able to help if you have any problems.

Welcome and I look forward to your posts!
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You will enjoy your time here - it gets addictive, so watch out!
I am moving you to the new cats forum for a proper introduction!
Please post often!
Deb M.
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Welcome to the site. it sould be interesting in your house for a while when the new kitten gets there. i can just see it being boss of all the dogs who are 10 times it's size! It sould be a sight - pleas post pics.
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I'm always late with my welcomes, but... better late than never!

Another Coloradian! We're taking over! Woohoo! I'm right over the mountains from you... pretty much in Glenwood Springs. Got much snow over that way? Want some of ours?

We also have a rottie. Her name is "Billie", and she's about 8 1/2 years old now. She thinks our cat "Spawn" is hers. I've got many pictures of them snuggling together, but they're so hard to see since my cat is mostly black and blends right into Billie.

I sure hope you find the perfect Siamese to add to your family! Let us know when you find one!
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