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Cat pooping outside of box CONSTANTLY what to do?

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My cat, Dory, poops outside the litter box every day. I know it's her and not Vader, the older cat, because I caught her doing it. I took her to the vet, and he said it's a behavioral problem, not a urinary tract infection or the like. He suggested changing the litter in the boxes to see if that helped. We did that, and it seemed to stop for a while, but now has started back up again full force. I tried removing the lids from the boxes, I tried soaking the boxes to clean them out, replacing all the litter, and going from there, still happeneing. We clean the boxes out daily, and she still does this. She was pooping in one spot, so I moved the litter boxes to that spot. Well, just just pooped in a spot next to them. A few days ago my uncle was fixing a pipe in my basement, where the litter boxes are, so she came upstairs and pooped under my piano. I thought maybe she was doing this because she was scared, but that doesn't explain the other times she does it.

I'm going crazy here!

My husband thinks that becuase the other cat uses both boxes that Dory won't use them. I don't think that's it, though, because she doesn't pee outside the box very often, so obviously she's using the boxes at some point during each day. She's only peed ouside the box twice. I have no explanation for those two times. There was no blood in the urine, and the vet checked her and said she was fine.

Any suggestions? Books I can read, methods I can use, anything? I clean the spots where she poops with Nature's Miracle each time, but she just keeps doing it in the same spot. Also, where she is pooping is concrete (except for the piano incident).

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Have you read this link and see if there is any help for you ?

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This link might help too:
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Court, I am going through the same exact thing, except my cat is always in my room because she will attack the other cat... so i always walk into a present. I TOTALLY feel your pain, I am going to look at those links that were posted and give an update if anything helps.
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Does Dory have her own two boxes? Joey and JC each have 2 separate boxes ( a total of 4), one for pee & one for poop. The kittens share 3 boxes downstairs. The other morning, one of the kittens had pooped in Joey's pee box, and Joey responded by dragging an empty JonnyCat bag (I use those to dump the daily gleanings into) into his pee-box! I had to empty the box entirely so that Joey could have his box back - I tried just scooping the poop out, but when Joey went to pee, he kept digging & squatting, digging some more, but with no results, till the litter was changed.
Potty issues are big ones with the pets, alright! When I go on my daily walk, I am amazed at how much communication goes on with animals & their bodily emmissions, both the wild ones & the domesticated! So much information in such a disgusting format
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