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Just talking

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Bailey is still pretty sick and he wants "mom's" lap. Mom is busy trying to finish some homework so I can take yet one more test on Thursday. Probably a bad idea to ask a board full of cat lovers, but do I stop doing this homework (the math is on the computer) and hold this boy while he is ailing so, or do I just steel my heart and tell him no and finish this math so I can take the third test in a series of 5? I am already going to have to repeat the class next term and have signed on for it, it would just give me one more credit towards the 5 I need to finish the class. So I ask you- what would you do? The reason I can't have him on my lap and be at the computer at the same time is because the keyboard is a slideout and he is in the way. Plus once he is planted on my lap, moving him causes him pain so I am pretty much stuck in one position for awhile.
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That's a tough one but I already know that if it were me my furbaby would win out (I know - SUCKER!!)

How about slinging him over your shoulder or buying a "baby carrier" when you can strap him on.
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Well, I guess the cat would probably win out!! Although maybe you could compromise. You know , maybe hold him for 30 min and then work on your math for 30 min. Or something like that.

I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure glad I don't have homework!!!
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I'm a sucker, too. Big time. But I have to agree that a compromise is probably the best thing. (Only I would try to work it around his schedule - like I said, I'm a total kitty sucker)
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Seeing that I also have math homework and studying to do, I would do my homework first and get that out of the way, then I would spend time with him. Poor baby. I know that others may not agree with me, but I would give him lots of love when I was done. Maybe you could put him on a pillow on the floor next to you or something???
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And it isn't like I can just stop doing the homework. I just have to keep going until I get to the end of the book. 5 more chapters to go. Since it is a math lab you work at your own pace. I just couldn't hold out against my orange kitty's needs.......
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I agree with the whole compromise idea. Homework is important, but so is holding your kitty when he is so sick. Your cat will be happy if you take turns holding him then doing your homework...

have fun!
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Since you still have a lot of studying to do, maybe you could put Baily on a chair right next to you. You could compromise by petting him every 10 or 15 minutes or so, and then when you took a break from studying, you could take the time to really give him a lot of cuddling. It might be that Baily will be satisified and comforted just knowing you are very close by.
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He is only content to be in the middle of my mathbook.....holding down the pages I guess......
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Ah, you have a furry orange paperweight!

I have one like that, only it's gray . . .

I'm in on the compromise thing, myself. A chair or a footstool near the computer with a cushion and maybe a sweater of mine or something. But if I could get away from the computer at all, I'd be sitting on the couch with him, petting him while I was reading. Just awfully hard to work the problems on scratch paper that way . . .
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hissy, i am currently arms length in math too... it isnt the best time

it's my worst subject.

how are you doing?
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