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Sleepless in Seattle

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Hi, I have a wonderful intelligent Manx who wakes me up throughout the night. I have tried locking him in another room, but he pulls the carpet, meows and is not happy. I sleep better, but am looking for a win-win solution. Any ideas?
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Have a piece of thin plywood, or something similar (Thin enough that the door can still be opened over it) and duck tape it to the carpet along the door where the cat scratches on the carpet to get out. Make sure there is nothing he can get hurt on in the room ,and put in food, water, a soft place to sleep, maybe a radio playing soft music quietly and some safe toys. Take him in there and pet and play with him for awhile, leave him some treats , or a bit of catnip, if he likes that, tell him "good night"and LEAVE him there while you are sleeping. He will cry for a few nights, but he will adjust and come to think of it as his bedroom. If you give in to him just one time you will have to start all over.
Then put a fan in your room to create a bit of "cover noise".
After a few to several nights you should be able to take the plywood up off the carpet in his room and take the fan out of your room.
I would love to be able to have our cats sleep with us, but the one will wake us up yowling in our ears several times a night...and we have to get up at 5:00 am (Plus we are getting old and need our sleep!) So we just put both of the cats together in their own room for the night and they are just fine.
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Plastic carpet runner is easier to use than plywood, but, yeah....dittoes to everything else Linda said. Your cat will get used to it. You just have to be determined enough to go through with it.
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Is he waking you up because he wants to play, or because he's playing and making noise, or on accident by jumping up? If he wants to play, you could try tiring him out before bedtime or throughout the day. I find that if my cat sleeps a lot during the day, he (and I) will be up all night! He only sleeps because he is bored, so I make sure to stop whatever I'm doing once in a while to play with him when he wants to--then when it's bedtime, he will usually just go to sleep. Otherwise, he is pawing at me, licking me, and headbutting me all night (usually JUST as I fall asleep every time ).
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