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Cord Chewing

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Where do you buy the tubing to put around cords to prevent pets from chewing trhough them?
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I'll move this to Care and Grooming for you
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I was wondering if there was something like this too! One of my kitties has chewed two of my laptop's AC adaptor cords and they're so expensive to replace.
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I think a lot of people use some smaller-diameter PVC pipe.... it's cheap enough and you could always spray paint it to blend better into your decor
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Hardware store, electrical supply store, home improvement store (e.g. Home Depot), Radio Shack -- should all be able to help you out.

Check out this website for ideas: http://www.cableorganizer.com/

"Split wire loom" is probably what you've got in mind.
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you can also purchase some spray called bitter apple that you can spray around the cords that will stop them chewing. You could give that a go - good luck! you really do want to stop this habit as soon as possible
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Thanks for the info. It is actually not our cat who is chewing, but our dog. However I figured posters at TCS would know about the tubing.
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Also, check at Office Depot or Office Max.
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Ikea also has some very reasonably priced tubing for wires. They also have a bag that can hang on the back of your desk for hiding and keeping safe all those computer wires.
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