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Alone Time

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We've had Miso for nine years. He is a big and lovable cat, however if we go away over night or for a weekend the whole house becomes his litter pan. We have been reduced to putting plastic all over the house when he's home alone. This behavior started when we were caring temporarily for another cat for some friends. This cat was a smaller female and seems to have "taught" Miso this behavior. She would use a litter pan if we were in the house, but not if we weren't home. She was a spayed female and Miso is nuetered so I dont' think it was ateritorial thing. When we get home and Miso has been up to this trick, we show it to him and then confine him to the bathroom with his litter pan for a while. He will usually do it one more time after we let him out, just to let us know how mad he is. Is there any way, short of confining Miso when we'll be gone overnight, to stop this behavior?
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Well, if he's only doing it while you're away, then it sounds like a clear case of some sort of separation anxiety.

Do you go away often? You may consider hiring a pet sitter for him while you're away. You may also want to consult a behaviorist for some more focused techniques.

One thing I can say is don't try to show him what he's done before you confine him (definitely don't rub his nose in it!). He doesn't understand the connection and will only stress him more.
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No, we don't go away often and it wasn't a problem before the other cat showed it to Miso. I had someone come and pet sit last time we were gone, but it didn't seem to help. I didn't confine him that time when we got home, hoping that would make him feel a little less deserted. I even called while we were away and talked to him through the answering machine (I've seen him run to it when he hears the phone ring.). He's a very smart cat so I know he understands that he's doing something that isn't copascetic.
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Do the both of you work during the day? If he is used to you being gone for short periods of time it just sounds like he gets upset when you are away for extended periods. The only things I can think of are maybe getting him a playmate who does not do this, or possibly putting him in a kennel while you are taking trips.
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