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Missing Pennsylvania teen found

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I've been following this story, as it reminds me of Charles Starkweather and Carol Fugate. It has all of the same elements: very young girl, parents who disapprove of her boyfriend, boyfriend kills parents and absconds with girl. At least, this one didn't kill the other children and didn't go on a killing spree. I wonder just HOW complicit the girl is.

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I wonder the same thing. They really haven't released enough details for me to make really form an opinion on it though. 14 is very young and it wouldn't take much for an older boy to influence her to go along with whatever he wanted to do.
If I had to guess, I would say that their "relationship" was a big issue between the girl and her parents. I am sure there have been arguments about it on more than one occasion. The boy probably said at some point that the only way they could be together is if her parents were dead, he ended up killing them and then fleeing. I think she left with him willingly, it wasn't an abduction, but I have a feeling he was the one in control. Who know though, it is all still a mystery.
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Yes ive been watching this too. Early indications of the teens love affair include pornography swapping over AOL IM plus an earlier videography of him and a friend planning on armmed robbery. There is no doubt that the young man is troubled and should never see the light of day, however i am becoming increasing appaled at the lack of accountablity to the girl. 14 is young and impressionalbe, but my god she was in the house when her parents were killed. she left with him willingly immediately after and there are receipts and video accounts of them running around like nothing happened.
I fought with my mother as a boy over girls and who i could see and who i couldnt, but if she was ever gunned down in our house i sure would not have left with the killer saying "i want to get married and forget this all happend" with no remorse.

She might not have pulled the trigger, but the complete lack of remorse over parents or siblings is appalling to me. She shed not 1 tear at her parents funeral.
I am affraid that he will take the full brunt of the legal battle and she will have no repricussions at all. What kind of signal is that to her or her siblings? That it is ok to disagree with your parents enough to have them killed and if you are young enough you can get a way with it?
sad times indeed.
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It is sad times we live in. Accountability and taking responsibility for ones actions are unheard of anymore. It is always someone elses fault. Sad indeed.
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I was watching Fox News, don't ask me why, but they have basicly tried and convicted this girl for the murder of her parents... "Fair and Ballenced".... Yeah right!!!!

I don't think she had anything to do with it at all..... I think she left with him because she was scared. I can't believe something like that happened in LANCASTER!!! The Amish capital of the world!!!
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This might be a bit more balanced: http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/11/23/pa....ap/index.html
I really can't imagine a 14-year-old staying out till 5:30 a.m.. An 18-year-old, yes, but not such a young girl.
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