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Not Chewing Kibble - BAD?

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I started Blu on a new food with smaller kibble and I noticed that she is swallowing alot of it whole. I do hear her chewing every 2-3 mouthfuls, but I would say that over half of it is going down as-is.

It seems to be digesting well, but is this bad for her intestines or teeth?
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My two sometimes swallow it whole as well, and just last week Rosie crammed that much in without chewing it properly that she brought it back up again and you could see some whole kibbles there.

I wouldn't worry because from what i've read it's natural for them to gulp their food.
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My Murelino, when he is really hungry, also swallows the food without chewing it, though when he is more or less satisfied, he chews the same food very well. During all this time swallowing without chewing hasn't caused him any problems.
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I have heard of many cats that do this (mine included) and havn't heard anyone saying there is anything wrong with it. Other than the fact that there goes the theory that dry food cleans teeth
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Cats are rip and swallow preytetors... some companies design the food so it has to chewed others make it small enough to swallow ....It would be bad to swallow big pieces but if food is small likely a non issue
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As sharky said, cats really don't have the teeth to "chew", so if the kibble is small enough, they tend to swallow it whole. The only kibble Jamie actually takes the time to chew, or rather, break, is Nutro, which is pretty big.
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Mine do this too! I wouldn't worry unless you find that they are vomiting after eating with great regularity.
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