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Why is my kitty always begging for more food?

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I have a four and a half months old kitty, and she is mostly on home food ---

-Lunch: One whole boiled egg in the morning with rice
-Snacktime: Yogurt in the afternoon, a little bit of royal canin in the evening(I cant use it generously as its expensive here.)
- Dinner: Boiled Chicken with rice
- Midnight snack: Yogurt and biscuits or cheese.

So is this diet enough for her, am i overfeeding or....or am I making her starve? Despite of all this food, she always sits near the cabinet where I have stored her Whiskas dry food and would meowwwww insanely as if she is a Somalian kitten dying of hunger...

Any advice regarding her diet would be appreciated...
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Kena has Pablo ever been wormed?.

How much chicken and rice does she have?. I would be mixing some of her whiskas dry in with her chicken as well and maybe some with her breakfast.
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Yes, I deworm her regularly.(How does that effect her diet?)

Anyway, regarding the chicken, I give one breast piece and one leg piece, mixed with rice.

Whiskas gives her diahorrea though, but I guess adding few with her meal wouldnt make much of a difference?

So am I making her starve unknowingly...?
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My two refuse to eat chicken and fish so i'm not 100% but she sounds like she's getting plenty?!.

Keep looking in because the others will advise you more, but if whiskas gives her an upset tummy i wouldn't give her it

Is there no other dry kibbles available where you are?!
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At her age she is still growing fast and needs a lot of food. I would still freefeed her then - most kittens will not overeat. Worms could affect her appetite as they would be taking the nutrients from her food. Can you get cat vitamins? As you are feeding home food it might be good to supplement her diet.
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Cat vitamins!, theres a thought Jenny.

Kena if you can't get those let me know and i'll get some and put them in with Pablos treat parcel.
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there are some really good recipes on the net for complete home food which includes organ meat. maybe try some of them too?
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

Rosiemac: Please dont make any offers, cause I have this weakness of brazenly accepting everything...:P

By the way, are human vitamin pills ok? Should I be consulting the vet regarding this?
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Kena i wouldn't give Pablo any human vitamins.

Seriously if you can't get any i can send you some it's no trouble
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Rosiemac: I need to ask my vet about it(tomorrow anyway am taking her to the vet for the usual check-up), I am assuming the vet would be having such pills or some suggestion regarding her diet! Thanks a lot for the offer, you are too kind, I will let you know by tomorrow.
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Talk to the vet first ...

You may need to increase the meat , rember cats can live with less than 5% grain in there diet
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